A week of crime starts with Ed Balls dancing. Yes, it’s true, as the Sun cruelly reported, he did ring me to ask advice about going on Strictly:


01…and I basically said, Yes! Do it! and having watched the fun Mr Balls had on the launch show (where Janette Manrara jumped into his arms – how often does that happen to a guy?) I know I was right to tell him to give it a go. For me the week was all about crime:


02Here I am at the spot in Marham, Norfolk, where an RAF airman seems to have been targeted for abduction, possibly by jihadists. Great to meet Det Superintendent Paul Durham of Norfolk Police and hear about the case.


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The new Crimewatch is the brainchild of editor Joe Mather. He wanted it to run weekly at a fixed time. So our four weeks in September is both a gamble and a triumph for a persistent editor and great journo.


04Finally we are on air!


05While all this is going on I am reading the Ed Balls book about dancing … sorry, politics, to get ready for two interviews with him: one for the Radio Times, one for Radio 2. I have to admit, I like his new, self-aware mode. He seems open and honest and that is what we want out of our politicians.



The book is a fast, lively read. Rather like the brilliant takedown of me by Jeremy Clarkson in the Sun which a friend said I should cut out and keep. The incident which triggered all this was a viral video I filmed when a motorist abused and kicked me. But it seems there are two sides to every story. Fair enough. I think I’ll wait for the police to decide on this one.  Back to Crimewatch:


07Wonderful to meet Tina Daheley, Nick Grimshaw’s news person on Radio 1 and a great pro. She is my co-host and we are enjoying the very occasional moment of office gossip and laughter as the show comes together.


08And no one stole the milk.

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