How My Daily Commute
is my weekly exercise

Hey friends. Thought I’d say a word about my commute — but don’t worry: if you aren’t a cyclist, this isn’t about to be a militant pro-cycling thing . . .

Okay, so: I used to go to the office by car or tube but I got fed up because I was not very fit, and I felt I could never really control the journey. Now that I cycle, the journey to work takes 36 mins regardless of the traffic density (note: a car would take around 40). Because of a slightly complicated detour which I have to take on the way home for safety reasons, my return takes an extra six.

Here you see me heading towards my home in Chiswick, a mile west of Hammersmith (where Queen played their legendary 1975 concert – that’s all we really need to know about my neighbourhood).

I start at the BBC Radio2 office, near Oxford Circus, postcode W1w 7NY. Go behind it and down New Cavendish Street, then take the Hyde Park Corner entrance to go through Hyde Park (joyous that so much of the route can be cycled safely, although this was the place where I was done for going 16 mph by police with a speed camera in 2014). 

Next I take a shortcut past some of the most expensive houses in the world and go down through Kensington to Hammersmith, then alongside the A4 for the final mile home.

Today I attached my iPhone to the front of my bike and, using the Timelapse function, recorded the 40-minute ride for you in less than a minute. The sun goes down as I cycle.

Now I feel fit and in control of the journey and it is why I absolutely love city cycling.

Journey facts
•Set off from W1 at 1606
•Arrive W4 at 1646
•No accidents, no incidents to report
•All laws obeyed
•Distance 6.9 miles
•Average speed 10.3mph

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  • I love this, this is exactly what cycling should be about.
    We don’t need expensive lycra, carbon bikes, thighs the size of tree trunks or trying to set personal bests.
    Cycling should be something anybody can partake in, even if it’s just down to the shop in the village. All the exercise adds up and benefits us, and those around us.
    All the best.

  • Helen Fox says:

    Another great blog entry, Jeremy – sounds like a very enjoyable journey with lots of interesting things to see. Love the doodle and message below too – that’s you I take it? It’s very sweet, and a lovely personal touch. x

  • Alan says:

    Great ride would have been better in teal time though, then I could have used it on my trainer.

  • Adam says:

    I currently commute from Grove Park to Charlotte Street by car, but I’m considering buying a bike. What route would you recommend?

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