Give us a Kiss

The other day I walked out of my studio at 2pm ― having handed over to Steve Wright ― and a diary entry flashed on my phone.

KISS, it said.

Just that.


Naturally, I peered at the screen. Wondering what it was all about.

What the hell did “KISS” mean? Somewhere, sometime, I must have agreed to do something, or just clicked agreement on a computer . . . but to what, I didn’t know. KISS was put into my schedule.

As I puzzled over the word, I saw a tall American producer called Mike Hanson climbing out of a sofa in the Radio 2 green room.

“Hey Jeremy, you ready?”

Not wanting to appear incompetent by asking what I was supposed to be ready for, I simply said: “Yeah . . . as ready as I’ll ever be. For, um, KISS.” Meanwhile I pulled this face.



We went down the stairs wordlessly. Okay, so Mike was meeting me for kiss. A thousand thoughts flashed through my head, none of them easy viewing. The producer took me into a small room and I saw Sara Cox. My fellow presenter was reclining in a leather chair. I gulped.

And now I remembered.

I had agreed to take part in a video where Radio 2 figures ― including Tony Blackburn, Ken Bruce and Sara ― would be made up to look like members of the ludicrously American rock band, Kiss.


It was to promote the arrival at Radio 2 of their frontman Gene Simmons.

This video is the result. To quote the comic writer Graham Linehan: I apologise in advance.


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