Eggheads studio in 360 degrees

I thought you might like to see this. Using a 360-degree camera, I took the walk from the Eggheads make-up room down to the studio (the walk I take five times a day while we are immersed in our recording blocks in Glasgow). So Fiona adjusts my jacket … Rob Dean, the producer, leads the way down the stairs … Andy opens the door to the studio … Jady the floor manager says hi. Then you see the Eggs themselves, and the challengers; today a team called Captain’s crew. Then I set the camera on my desk and, a minute later, recording starts.

The joy of the 360-degree camera (cost: £300 approx) is that you can look around me as I walk. So you have the power to look left, right, up and down. Try it and see! Please tell me what you think – it’s an exciting experiment for us to get you closer to the show. The 360 degree effect clicks in when you start watching the video.

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