I have the strangest puzzle for you

In my first term at Durham University I went to see The Smiths play (it was so early in their career I hadn’t even heard of them at the time). That live concert is one of the best of my whole life.

This would have been 1983, the months between September and December. I thought it was in Newcastle. But there’s no record of this gig in any of the Smiths’ online gig-lists. So I have to try to work out exactly when and where I saw them. And it’s not easy!

This all came up when I met, and was interviewed by, Morrissey-fanatic Julie Hamill. Lovely to encounter her and to talk Smiths, radio heroes, journalism and life in general. I’ve put her opening paragraphs below but please click to her site to read the interview in full.

Deep inside Western House I wait behind glass to interview Jeremy Vine.  He is on the air for BBC Radio 2, in studio 6C.  It’s a massive studio with a big wide desk for Jeremy, several computer screens and more buttons, knobs and levers than the Tardis.  Michael Ball floats in, singing and smiling.  His team rotate around him like little planets. Behind Michael Ball is Steve Wright, who needs a quick word with Jeremy.  Bulbs are flashing down the corridor at visiting country music stars to support the launch of BBC Radio 2 Country.  People whizz in and out and Jeremy looks like he’s buzzing off the chaos.  He plays a track to finish the show then signs off. He pops off the headphones and waves at me, brightly.  I’m laughing already because I think he’s happy with his last word after a debate on ‘Are you better than your boss?’ His last word was, ‘rubbish.’

He emerges from the studio and welcomes me and we stride down to his office, straight to his next bit of business.  He’s got a lot going on and, leaving me comfy in the guest chair, he runs out to grab himself lunch, insisting on buying me a coffee.

Read the full interview here: http://www.juliehamill.com/post/142566477804/fifteen-minutes-with-jeremy-vine-broadcaster-and

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