My video response to Martin,
who says I should quit Strictly because I can’t dance

I got a message here from a gent called Martin who says I should leave Strictly Come Dancing because I can’t dance.


I wasn’t sure whether to reply, because everyone is totally entitled to a view, but in the end I recorded a short response (which I hope you think is polite). This video originally appeared on my Facebook page (if you haven’t liked my page already, you can find it here Three days later the video had had a million shares — I was amazed.




  • Helen McLean says:

    Jeremy….you’re a star…that’s all!!!!

  • Debra says:

    Jeremy – so impressed with your words. I’m going to be spouting them to ALL the kids at our High School (and everyone else I come into contact with). Fab u lous! Thank you.

  • Joy McLean says:

    Brilliant attitude – a great example to set your daughters!

  • Ama says:

    Dear Jeremy…I can so see how hard you have worked and you HAVE got technique, and I can see drama skills coming through.. Me and my daughter (11) LOVED your Thriller… I always shout.. ”Go on Jeremy” when you come on.. and also ‘stick your bum in a bit!”ha ha… It’s so lovely to see you having so much fun.. Karen looks great fun too…I’m just a bit jealous coz I’d love to have a go… All the best.. Ama and The Daise ..

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