Let me wish your mum
a Happy Christmas!

To celebrate this still-new website finding its feet and to thank you for visiting, either via Facebook or Twitter or Google, here is my idea:

I wish your mum a Happy Christmas

(Or dad, or hubby, or sister, or granny. Or kids! Or wife!). I can do the first twenty requests. Please, in the reply box below, write your relative’s name and one particular thing I ought to know about them. Then I will reply by uploading a link to the folder below with your rellie’s name on. You can ask me to mention Strictly, or Eggheads, or whatever! If you look in the folder, you can see the ones I’ve done so far:


Please leave: your name, your relative’s name, who they are (e.g. mum), where they are (e.g. Doncaster);

and some info about them, eg they love Radio 2, Led Zeppelin and snooker. I can’t do it without the extra facts!




  • Louise says:

    Billy Finlay Merry Christmas

    • Claire Peden says:

      Hi Jeremy

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Please say Merry Christmas to my mum Geri O’Rourke from Motherwell Scotland!! She loves Elton John, Radio 2, Champagne, her dog Delta and me……in that order!!

      All the very best for 2016!!

      • Claire Peden says:

        Oh, and I forgot to say, it’s her birthday on the 29th December and she always gets less presents as everyone gives her one and says it’s for her Christmas and birthday!!! This year we’re all going hill walking at Loch Lomond with the dogs then a lovely dinner in Luss!! (This is Geri O’Rourke from Motherwell, see rest of post below)

        Thanks Jezza!!!!!

  • Angus says:

    Could you say a hello to my Partner Susan – I have been on your show a few times talking about Wedding Photography, fighting at Weddings etc and she gets very very embarrassed to the point she has to switch the radio. She makes jokes like “there’s your Mate Jezzer on the TV again”

    A personal message would be so good – she is a hard working Pharmacist and has to work on Christmas Day

    Thank you

  • Sue Tizard says:

    Maggie Tooze, absolutely loves Strictly and would love to have seen you dance.She has met Anton a couple of times at dances.
    She is not the most organised person in the run up to Christmas as she tends to spend time running around doing things for others first. Please wish her a more organised 2016 and let her knoiw that Christmas 2016 will be on December 25th and that we all love her lots. From Sue and Lesley

    • Sue Tizard says:

      Oops helps to read all the info before posting….My mum Maggie (78 but you needn’t mention that) is in Chandlers Ford, in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

  • Sharon McDonough says:

    Please wish my hubby Matt a happy Christmas and mention Strictly!

  • Simon says:

    My mum’s name is Veronica. She likes to watch Doctors and Foyle’s War. An additional fact is she’s turning 70 in 2016 and having a big birthday party – she also likes scrap booking.

  • Happy Christmas Nigel who loves Trains xxx

  • Louise says:

    Merry Christmas to Billy Finlay my husband

    We are in Ayrshire

    Billy loves radio two!

    Thank you!


  • Catherine says:

    Hi my mums name is madeleine and she is a huge fan of your radio show and strictly. She’s a shopaholic and is very generous at this time of year. If you could send this message it would make her day. Thanks so much!

  • Kim Moore says:

    My Mum Val in Dorset is a massive fan our yours (and of Tim’s too, I’d better add) and she would just love this!
    She adored watching you on Strictly, as we all did, and she voted for you every week. She’s busy working in the garden centre at Homebase on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so a message would really make her smile after her Christmas shifts!

  • Vince Gunning says:

    Can you say hello to my kids..Jade,Amber and Callum..they put up with me wittering on all year about politics and current affairs from your show so,really,it’s the least you can do!Merry Christmas Jeremy!

  • Adele Hartley says:

    My husband ‘Clive Hartley’ he loves ‘Eggheads’ playing pool and he’s mad on his Christmas lights. Fantastic dad to Luke, Tom and Eve. From York
    Love Adele xxx

    • Adele Hartley says:

      Thank you Jeremy, we were all so excited. How good is the Internet?! Unfortunately we thought Noddys hat was red not blue ha ha. We all wish you and your family a great Christmas and Happy New year too. (My daughter Eve wishes you a very happy Christmas too and can’t quite get over the fact you know her name he he) X

  • Jessica White says:

    My nan is called Nettie White and she absolutely adores your show. She has played Radio 2 in her house all day every day since I was a child! She has been a hard working Nurse for the NHS for many years and is the best mother, grandmother and this year we even made her a great grandmother. Please give her a big hello, love from Jess Martin and baby Austin x

  • Lara says:

    Happy Christmas to mum and dad! You are the most amazing parents ever!!!! Lots of love, la la, Nick, Sophie and Ella xxx

    • Lara says:

      Scroll down to get more detail sorry I posted it before adding more!

    • Lara says:

      Just add to mine above ….. My parents live in Pulborough West Sussex they are the most generous parents with everything. We are very fortunate to have my dad here for Christmas as nearly lost him this year due to an aneurysm of the aorta he’s a very lucky man!

  • Anita lindsey says:

    Hello to my sister Dee please. She lives in Canterbury. Can you tell her not to work too hard and that her family lover her very much. Thank you

  • Maureen Mullen says:

    My husband Sean and daughters Katie and Keeley who have no choice but too listen to radio 2 all day in the house and car because I listen all day. The girls and I loved watching strictly. Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  • vicki says:

    My friend Kaylin Taylor, she is your number 1 fan!

  • Lara says:

    Just add to mine above ….. My parents live in Pulborough West Sussex they are the most generous parents with everything. We are very fortunate to have my dad here for Christmas as nearly lost him this year due to an aneurysm of the aorta he’s a very lucky man!

  • b3mpt says:

    From Jeremy: The first seven are there! Take a look in the folder for the file marked with your loved one’s name. This is fun!

  • My gorgeous wife Sue and my lovely family, Dan and Amy, Lucy and Rich from the long suffering Gordon in Chesham. Keep Dancing or something close to it.

  • Helen says:

    Irene Gray (my mum)

    She loves Strictly and was so excited to meet you when we were lucky enough to get tickets to the live show the first weekend (the Saturday show)

  • Heather yombs says:

    My husband Malcolm. He listens to you everyday and we both loved you on strictley. Happy Christmas to you and your family

  • John Ellis says:

    To my mum Jean Ellis from Swansea. She loves strictly and really enjoyed your routines. Merry Xmas

  • Nicola bldke says:

    My mum Diane Hughes who is 60 and lives in Haslington, Cheshire. Loves strictly, yoga and her beautiful grandchildren Henry and Charlotte x

    Thanks Jeremy! X

  • Laura Buckley says:

    My sister Anna Clancy from Lytham St Annes who is currently making all the sauces and stuffings for a HUGE Christmas dinner tomorrow.
    She’s a big fan and was ridiculously excited to be paired with you on a strictly sweepstake!

  • Christina Royal says:

    It would be lovely if you could say Merry Christmas to my mum Gwen, affectionately known as Gwennie. She lives in Sudbury, Suffolk, and is currently getting ready to host the whole family tomorrow. She tries to pretend she’s not at all bothered when I tell her that you and I have been chatting on Twitter but I know she’s star struck really! We both listen to your radio show and often phone each other to say “Are you listening to Jeremy?” or “Quick, put Jeremy on!” whenever we feel the other needs to be listening. And obviously she loved watching you on Strictly, too. But mostly – she makes a legendary trifle at Christmas!

  • Nicola says:

    Hmy mum Diane Hughes. Loves strictlly and her grandchildren Henry and Charlotte. She is 60 and lives in haslington, cheshire

  • Harry Wilmin says:

    Hi Jeremy! Could you wish a very Merry Christmas to my mum, Claire, and her partner Eric.

    They listen to your show everyday, and are often involved in many heated – but productive – discussions as a result!!

    Could you also say this line directly to Claire: “Claire, thanks for al you do at Stony Stratford Library, too!”

    Thanks Jeremy, Merry Christmas!

  • b3mpt says:

    From Jeremy: 22 done with great pleasure. I hope I included yours. Thanks for being in touch and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

  • Marie says:

    Please say hello to my sister Mo who listens to your show all the time due to the interesting topics. She’s busy at the moment preparing for the Christmas dinner tomorrow at her house in St Combs. Our mum Rose will be there, brother Gordon, my husband Alex and son Alexander. Also don’t forget to mention her 2 cats, Oscar and Bertie. Thanks very much and wish you a very merry Christmas too Jeremy! Hope your cold’s better.

  • Sally Stefanou says:

    My Mum really loved watching you and all the others on Strictly. Please say a massive Merry Christmas to her in Campels, La Salvetat-Peyrales, France. I know she will be missing the rest of the family over the holidays. Her son Matt,his wife Toni and son Peter are in the Phillapenes and daughter Kate and wife L in England.
    We are here though in France and get to spend the day with her and my Dad Les.
    Merry Christmas, Sally Mike and Noah x

  • Jazmine says:

    I’ll give this a shot!

    Please wish my mum, Sarah, a merry Christmas! We’re both from Southend. We both listen to you every day; Mum on her lunch break, me while I’m at work. We both loved watching you on Strictly in true dad-dancing style. We’re both huge fans of The Jeremy Vine show – we were even talking about this week’s ‘best bits’ on our way home from Christmas shopping this afternoon.

    Merry Christmas Jeremy and team!

  • Olivia says:

    Hi it’s Olivia!
    Could you please with my mum a Merry Christmas, she loves listening to you on radio 2 and was rooting for you on strictly! She’s a very special lady.

  • Michele Smith says:

    Merry Christmas to my hubby Julian Smith who’s a bin truck driver in Elgin, and listens to you every day. He is a massive Johnny Marr/The Smiths/Noel Gallagher fan and you would make his day if you mentioned him today. All the best for the New Year from all here at the Smith house xx

  • Fraser says:

    Please say hi to Sylvia and Bryan in Sheffield. They are a couple of wonderful “twerlies”.

    Happy Christmas, Jeremy.

  • Rory Watson says:

    Could you please wish my mother Teresa Watson from Aberdeen a Merry Christmas. She listens to the show everyday over lunch and thought you were the best entertainer on strictly. She wishes you all the best over this festive period as well as I do. Merry Christmas!

  • Kris McDermott says:

    Happy Christmas to Kris McDermott in Londonderry. Listens to JV every day while out on his walk. Once met Elvis Costello and asked him if he listens to Jeremy.

  • Reina says:

    Hallo Jerry, my hubby is a great of Eggheads and Strictly. I hope you will wish him Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. His name is Gerry and we live in Holland. For you and your family also a Merry Christmas.

  • Jo Wood says:

    Hi Lovely! I might be too late but please can you wish my friend Sean Egan in Melbourne, Oz, a v happy Xmas n tell him I can’t wait to see him st our school reunion for our joint 59th birthdays next year. Thanks so much and happy Xmas to u & ur family. Jo Wood xx

  • Jo Wood says:

    Bugger!!! 50th BIRTHDAYS!! Bloomin iPhone – keys too close together for an old duffer like me Xx

  • dawn.finnigan says:

    My best friend Sharon has been there for the past 33 years (amazing as we are only 29 lol). She has been there for me when I lost both my parents and has taken my little girl when I was rushed to hospital, she is the kindest friend anyone could ever wish for. A big Barry Manilow fan (seen him 200+ times), and Mam to 4 year old Matthew.

  • b3mpt says:

    From Jeremy: I have done them all up to here. Hope you enjoy them. If there are any others I will look after Christmas. Mulled wine now. Lots of love from me.

  • Jade Gunning says:

    Thank you Jeremy for the message, you have made my Dads’ (Vince) christmas, and ours 🙂 we listen to him witter on about politics, I am afraid it it a part of our duty as his children.
    Wishing a very merry christmas to you an yours,
    Jade, Amber & Callum.

  • Vic Chapman says:

    Please say merry Christmas to husband/dad, Pete, in London. We’re spending xmas in Oxford this year.
    We are massive strictly fans – loved watching you. Also big fans of your R2 show.
    Vic (wife), and Ida-Mae & Sonny (kids)
    Merry Christmas to you! X

  • Claire Jones says:

    Could you wish my mum Wendy a happy Christmas from Woking. She is the most amazing mum and has helped me lots. She has always been there for me. Wishing you and your family a merry christmas. Claire and Wendy

  • Virginia Soto says:

    My name is Virginia, and I would like this to be for my mother, Teari Soto, who lives in Ohio. We have no spent a Christmas with one another in over 10 years after my family was separated due a unfortunate occurance. She recently lost her only companion, Dallas Winston, the family pet beagle. She loves the color purple, acdc, and tulips. She’s a little woman with a lot of spunk that could use an extra special greeting this year. Thank you so much and merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Philip says:

    Hi please say happy Christmas to my Wife Nicky. Ishe’s the best mum to Ed and Millie
    Loves walking our dog Daisy and doing yoga
    Looking forward to the summer and visiting our caravan onAnglesey

  • Tracey Hill says:

    Could you wish the Tapley family a fabulous Christmas. Alan gets a lot of ribbing for looking like Anton Du Beke. I’m hoping that this message with overtake the fuzzy photo of Scott Mills that we got for Grandma Liz a few years ago, who is strictly mad. Ellie is a 5 year old budding magician who watched strictly while sitting in the washing basket and you were her favourite. Lottie is 1 on 27th, and we had better mention the leader of the rabble Nicky.
    You have been a true inspiration this year Jeremy… best wishes for 2016. From Tracey.

  • Nigel Spencer Andrews says:

    Jeremy. …You know me… Nigel Spencer Andrews….me of the Hard Boiled egg JFK LAX flight….We’re are out on a Yacht tonight and want you just to wish everyone on Sailboat “Fair Nicole” a safe a peaceful Christmas.
    Love to you and your family

  • Claire Redway says:

    Might be too late but would love you to wish my wonderful Mum, Jortie Sheehan, a happy Christmas. We regularly ring each other during your radio 2 show to “discuss” your callers! Happy Christmas to you and your family too. Thanks. Love Claire

  • Katie Smith says:

    Please could you wish my mum Julie from Reading a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. She loves card making and listening to Radio 2. She’s a big fan of Strictly and each week we were all rooting for you.
    Wish you and your family a restful Christmas.

  • Hattie says:

    To my sister Flo and my brother in-law Frasier who appeared on Eggheads I wish them a merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing them next week

  • Julia Rich says:

    Hello Jeremy,
    I know I’m too late but here goes anyway!
    Merry Christmas to my mum Jackie Wright. We can’t spend Christmas together this year (much as I’m desperate to).
    Over the last month my mum has been caring for a very I’ll relative. She’s also carer to my disabled brother and looks after an elderly neighbour. A busy lady.
    A fact about her – She has the coolest claim to fame… In April 1964 she had lunch in the BBC canteen with all 4 of The Beatles!
    Merry Christmas Mum. Love and miss you so much xxx

    Merry Christmas and thank you to you too Jeremy. X

  • Helen May says:

    Hi Jeremy, can you please wish my Mum Dorothea from Newcastle a happy Christmas, she never misses Eggheads and we often talk about your radio show. She’s here with me for a few days.

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  • Helen Howard says:

    Would you be able to wish me Happy Christmas. I’m a mum and I’m sure my boys will not have seen this on FB. I loved you in SCD and I’m friends with Karen too. I notice on your website that added to your CV Amateur Dancer. As the saying goes practice makes perfect. So please keep dancing with your wife.

    My name is Helen Howard and I’m from Southport. I’m a huge fan of SCD and I’ve even been to Blackpool to the Opera House. I love watching eggheads and try to answer questions with my husband. Have a lovely Christmas with family. I’ve organised charity dinner dance events called strictly in aid of Woodlands Hospixe, but I’ve been ill this year and wasn’t able to run it. See my blog.

  • Kim Aslett says:

    Hi ya Jezza! I am your biggest fan, but being unselfish as it Christmas can you please wish my Mum and Dad (Les and Carol Billington of Didcot) Happy Christmas, Dad listeins to you and Mum still!needs to be talked away from radio Oxford!!!!!!! Luv your show and how genuine a person you are, All the best Kim Aslett and family in Edlesborough x

  • Angus Forbes says:

    Thanks so much for the Christmas video for Susan, she really appreciated it. However, she was angry I didn’t mention that she voted for you every week on strictly! She just wanted you to know that.

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