My Favourite Photo
of 2015

Jeremy Vine and Claudia Winkleman on Jeremy VIne's official website

I love photography — not that I’m any good at it. But sometimes I will see a picture and think it has a special quality. This was one. I decided it is the best of my year so far.

Claudia Winkleman and I are on the platform Radio 2 use as a broadcast point during the Live in Hyde Park concert. Ward Thomas and the Shires have just been playing and we are waiting to tell everyone what’s next and what’s going on. Meanwhile, in the crowds below the camera point, there was a lot of noise and someone got out their phone and snapped this.

I look like I am trying to see a face or remember a name; there was a lot of friendly shouting up at the platform. Meanwhile Claudia is laughing because a couple have asked her to “get us on stage with Rod Stewart, PLEASE” and she has just explained she doesn’t even have the power to get herself on stage with Rod. The shot is beautifully framed — with the cabin on stilts against a very September sky. But I like the way Claudia is laughing and I am a bit intense. It captured a funny moment during a tremendous day, where we mixed the business of broadcasting with the pleasure of being surrounded by music. Maybe that explains the different expressions in the shot. Anyway, I am really grateful to Radio 2 listener Sam Halling, who took it and sent it to me.


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