‘Never, ever switch off’
– Words of wisdom
from Karen Clifton

Sometimes Karen (my dance partner on Strictly, who is on Twitter as @karen_hauer) says something so BRILLIANT that I need to ask her to: Stop. Let Me Get My Phone. Say it Again While I Record.
This was her wisdom today. Everyone who wishes me well for Strictly says, “Just have fun.” Karen says, “Do NOT have fun. Fun means you switch off. You can enjoy the dance when you have learnt it, but that’s a long way from “Just have fun.” You must never, EVER, switch off.”
Have a listen to her exact words to me in the Sylvia Young dance studio and tell me what you think.



  • Stewart Paterson says:

    Never miss a radio show, best broadcaster auntie Beeb has, good luck with the dancing

  • Sheena Clark says:

    Love the radio show and Eggheads … So looking forward to seeing you on Strictly. Karen’s correct .. never, ever switch off!!
    Good luck Take care

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