The New Air Guitar

When I was a teenager, I used a school hockey stick as my air guitar. I was useless at hockey but good at miming to the songs I loved. My favorite tracks to sing to were

Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen
Adam & The Ants, Antmusic
David Bowie, Drive-In Saturday
Joy Division, Sister Ray
Human League, Life Kills

. . . which was all a very long time ago. But hang on — I have now discovered the new air guitar. Go on iTunes Music on your phone and play the track you want to sing along to. Then open WhatsApp and press-and-hold to film a video. Put it on selfie mode. Amazingly, the music keeps playing and you can mime to it — as we did in our teenage bedrooms. Here is me singing Cities by Talking Heads.


Total self-indulgence. The only problem with the WhatsApp approach is that you need to send the video to someone for it to save in your photo folder. I sent this to my wife. No explanation. Worryingly, she may not even bat an eyelid.



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  • Helen Fox says:

    Very good as always, Jeremy! Great tip for the iTunes/air guitar/miming! Might try that, as could act as a bit of anxiety therapy – seriously! My favourite McFly songs will be a start, but there are so many of those of course, lol! Keep up the great work with the blogs, and all that you so for everyone! TC, HK. x

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