My final Final (Strictly) blog! Behind the Scenes as Jay won

01 horse

Look at that face of concentration! And I seem pretty focused too. Karen and I call the horse Bertie. Apparently this was my most memorable moment on Strictly — riding in on a fibre-glass animal before dancing a tango with Karen, where Craig said he was “adding an extra point, just for seeing your little bottom tweak as it moved past the desk.” I remember telling my journalist friend Jonathan Freedland at the time that, “It was not a comedy dance — it was very serious after I got off the horse,” and he just burst out laughing, as did I, on hearing my own words. Anyway, this is our rehearsal for the group dance in the final. See how serious I am? Although it’s all silly, actually the horse needs to move and the lasso be thrown all within a window of about eight seconds, during which time Aljaz has to pass me a spare rope with which I reel in Craig … and as it’s in the middle of what is effectively a single shot involving 31 performers, I mustn’t be the one who messes it up. Nothing can go wrong with the lasso, right? Wrong. The rope has been hardened into a permanent circle, and five minutes ago I threw it a bit too accurately, dropped the circle around Karen (result!) but unfortunately it hit and cut the bridge of her nose. Dancing, like warfare, occasionally involves the spillage of blood.

Bring On The Clouds

02 cloud

I remember saying to Karen during one of our dances, before I had really learnt to dance at all, that we should sashay on to the song, “Send in the Clowns.” She hadn’t heard it — Judy Collins, Barbara Streisand, have I got that right? — so we spent five minutes listening to it. The dance never happened but for the final they had the second best thing: they sent in Carol’s Cloud. This has been hanging backstage since week one! Apparently everyone has a signature prop. Wow I love this show. And I’m feeling a lot of joy, being with my old friends as we rehearse for the finals – always remembering the four contestants who are still in the contest and probably right now finding a spare corner somewhere to practice their moves.

My Partner In Crime (not the horse)

03 Karen horse

Enter Karen. It is just so great to see my dance buddy. She is already planning a tour with Kevin for next year, and I have eyes on this show in Kevin’s native Grimsby where I am planning to bring Rachel and my two daughters (who adore their new dance friends, K&K). The horse was her brilliant idea, as was the clock move in our jive, as was the crazy drop we did in our dance to Thriller — I could go on. It was all her idea! Thank-you, Karen! We could so easily have been out in week one, which is what the bookies predicted, but she kept us in for eight dances, right to the doorstep of Blackpool.

Boys Will Be Boys

04 Gleb

I note that I am dressed like a member of Kraftwerk. When I go through to the “quick-change” area to sort something out, I see some of the male professionals. I’m guessing Anton is not here because he is away with Katie finalising their routine (he just came down the corridor, hilariously, shouting: “Make way for a finalist.”) But here you can see his old sparring partner Brendan, plus Tristan and Aljaz. Who is that guy with his shirt off? Has he ever done that before? Does Gleb ever wear a shirt? I feel sure the pros are deathly tired by now — for them this started in August, learning the pro routines which are peppered throughout the series — and by now they are ready for Christmas. By the way Brendan, thank-you for recommending me this power-packed bluetooth speaker which I used in our dance rehearsals and now use in the rest of life. 

Sing To Us Daniel

05 bar

One of many beautiful moments was when the people left in the contest were all under strain with their dances, and Daniel popped up on our WhatsApp group (which we use to stay in touch). I wrote, “Sing to us, Daniel,” which was a little silly I admit. Daniel responded by singing, “I think to myself, what a wonderful world” in the beautiful Irish croon which has made him one of the most popular singers in the history of the long player. So here we all are in the bar — Daniel, Peter, Brendan, Iwan, Karen and me. Peter has already been mobbed several times by this stage of the night; he gets recognised everywhere. This time it was a tableful of celebrating teachers. It is great to have Iwan back as well — what a character, always performing! The day was probably the least exhausting eleven of us have had on the Strictly set, because we are not competing now. But we are going to give it some welly for our friends who battle it out tomorrow.

News From The Outside World

13 Ainsley

This peculiar thing grips you in the Strictly bubble — there is no world outside. A piece in the Guardian recently mentioned how Strictly stands for escape, and it doesn’t allow the various ghastlinesses that go on in the world beyond to intrude. When the Paris attacks happened in November, it felt extremely odd to be dancing the next day without referring to them; but cancelling the show would have been wrong, and making any on-air reference from a studio covered in glitter would have felt inappropriate. Now that Ainsley and I are out of the contest we are back and fully engaged with the world beyond, but I took this photo of him reading the paper next to the lady with the sequins because to me it sums up the solace you get on a programme where everything is sparkle. I hope you, as a viewer, feel the same: Strictly offers escape.

Final rehearsals: the Corridor Dance

12 corridor2

We have to dance down a corridor and into the studio. What I love about Natalie Lowe is that she gives everything 120 per cent. This is a rehearsal moment — my camera shot is a close-up in low light, so please forgive the quality — but the power and purpose when the female pros hit that corridor carpet, carumba! Even in rehearsal Natalie never gives less than everything.

Man Swaps Three-Paddle for an Iron

11b Craig

A big joke of Strictly was how often Karen and I got a three from Craig — and how, on the night he moved us to a four, we went totally crazy on the balcony and Karen grabbed Claudia in some sort of headlock. I never minded; quite the opposite. Craig’s one-liners about me — “stork hit by lightning,” “a paranormal experience,” etc — actually made me feel I had a role on the show which meant something to me, him and the audience. I was the not-a-natural-dancer bloke who is desperately trying to pull off one dance, or even a single moment in a dance, when the judges say: “This time, you got it.” If there was a moment like that, it was after my Charleston when Len pointed at us both and just said: “Genius.” I will always treasure that moment.  Oh, and if you’re wondering about the outfit here it is for the corridor dance. Craig is ironing a costume and I have to jump out of the toilets in the pink shower cap from our jive.

Nat, Come & Get Your Picture Back


Like I say, it’s always lively when Iwan’s in town. I am trying to imagine the dances he would have done if he had stayed in the contest. His breakdance was probably one of the 2015 Top Five for sheer drama and madness.

Why Am I In Yellow? I Want Pink!

07 schedule

Every edition of Strictly has a grid. Karen and I are in yellow (ahem). It’s lightly-packed today, because we are just doing the two group dances. But there are still costume changes, visits to make-up, rehearsals etc. Imagine what Georgia or Katie’s grid must have looked like on Saturday.

The Place To Go? Star Bar, Every Time

09 star bar

Some of the Strictly dressing rooms (mine and Daniel’s, for example) are a good five-minute walk away and if you want to socialise the best place to go is the Star Bar where you will always find pros and celebs just hanging out. The SB is off the main studio, a heated white marquee. Today we have all the starting fifteen back — lovely to see Kirsty Gallacher, for example. Carol is one of the big stars of 2015 because she communicated such radiant joy. There’s Jamelia and Anita, who came so close to the final. And if you are a Strictly fan, you will be able to identify the heavenly dancer with her back to us. How did she miss out on a top four place?

Now It’s Real

10 moving

So now we head through to the corridor to film that opening group dance. But as we move, we just happen to catch up with the pro finalists, Aliona and Giovanni. I just keep saying “Good luck” to everyone I see. I would have a reason to support every single one of the four: Katie Derham because she’s a news person like me; Kellie Bright because her workrate, commitment and performance ethic are an example to anyone anywhere, and because Kevin’s choreography and training have been inspirational; Georgia for the sheer perfect beauty of her movement; and Jay for his jive in week three, which was the best dance I have ever seen in my life, and also because he sent the cutest personal message to my eight-year-old daughter to encourage her as a dancer. But I won’t choose! The eliminated eleven are there for all four.

On The Other Hand…

21 Kellie

…I think I might know who my dance partner is supporting! (Clue: #TeamClifton).

On With My Tails, For The Last Time

08 catherine

I hope I dress like this again. The full Fred Astaire. It reminds me of week minus-one, when we all had to be photographed coming off a train and this is what I wore. For now, and for the foreseeable future, this is the last time.

Three, two, one … Cue Corridor!

11 corridor

Here we go with our recording of the corridor dance. In the distance you see Bruno — choreographer Matt, in the red T-shirt, is giving him some instructions. Bruno and Darcey will shimmy into the costume department, and then Nat, Karen and Joanne power up the corridor towards Brendan and Tristan (closest to us); Kristina dances in; I jump out of the loos; on the camera moves.

The Final Starts

18 studio

And my friends are being lowered from the ceiling in four bright boxes. I knew it was big; I didn’t know it was this big. Can you believe this production?!

Best Moment of the Night


Jay’s victory was an immense moment for him and hugely deserved — his jive in week three was probably the greatest dance I will see in my life. He is also an exceptionally nice man. However, for me this was the standout personal moment of the final. During her second dance (Kellie, remember, got 119 out of 120 points for her three final dances — astonishing) Ms Bright found time to point at all of us on the balcony as if to say, “This is for you.” Let me tell you, having the chutzpah to do that during your penultimate dance in the final of Strictly requires astonishing verve. But she has it. And when she pointed, like kids, all of the celebs on the balcony went nuts. I was standing next to Daniel O’Donnell and he started stamping and chanting “Ten!” To me this freeze-frame is what Strictly is all about. The mesmeric artistry of the finalists; the fun the rest of us had; the bonds between us. Thank-you for reading my blogs on SCD 2015. One more shot from the balcony is below, and then we’re done. Keep dancing, and let’s get our kids dancing too!

20 NAT

My Letter To The Other 14 Contestants This Morning



Jeremy Vine official website



  • Janet says:

    I love you even more now Jeremy !! Thanks for sharing this special time !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Lesley Vickerman says:

      Jeremy, you were a true delight to watch, listen to and read. A gentleman ( rare nowadays), with a generosity of spirit that shows in your total support of your fellow contestants. Thank you for adding immensely to my enjoyment of this year’s Strictly.

  • jane green says:

    This year,s strictly has been amazing ,we loved watching you Jeremy you did get better each week and was very entertaining.i will admit I wanted peter andre to win but jay was a worthy winner ,thank you all Saturday nights will now be boring

  • jean says:

    Your enthusiasm and willingness to share has added to the joy of this exceptional series…congratulations to lovely Jay and Aliona and well done and thank you to everyone else…..

    Jean x

  • Michele Pereira Gill says:

    This year’s Strictly has been the best ever! Not just for the calibre of the performances, which has been outstanding, but for the spirit of mutual support and collaboration between you all, apparent from day one. Jeremy,what you may have lacked in technical expertise, you more than made up for in humour, engaging self deprecation and humanity. I voted for you and Jay every week because you both added something indefinable to my Strictly experience… I’m thrilled he won the trophy, but I’m also thrilled to have followed you through your Strictly journey. Thank you. Michele x

  • Jane says:

    What a series! Made all the more special by you and your enthusiasm and blogs! I am so sad it has finished. Best series so far. Thank you for all the entertainment , laughs, tears and great dancing!! xxx Have a wonderful Christmas all of you xxx

  • Andre Dixon says:

    This year’s Strictly was amazing and mainly due to the warmth, humour and support expressed between the celebrities and the pro dancers. The work ethic was high as was the commitment by everyone on the show, but most of all I loved seeing the friendships and interaction between everyone taking part. Saturday nights were joyful again, as were weekday nights at 6.30 for Zoe and ITT. This is what I love about the BBC and why it deserves my licence fee. Well done Jeremy for your input into the best Saturday night TV programme there ever has been- and long may it continue.

  • Deanie Jones ( Geraldine) Deanie is my family name, by the way. says:

    Jeremy, what a lovely person you are to share your experience of SCD, with us, I almost felt as if I was there with you. Everyone says what lovely people each of the other contestants are, and do we believe that? Well now I do, it seems this year was a real family of Strictly come Dancing members.
    I am so pleased Jay won, and I agree with you, his Jive was the best ever, I think he won, because he was not an actor, never went to drama school, and yet, his dancing was almost professional, and for a man, that is difficult. He was also very humble.
    Looking forward already to next year, God bless, and I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy new year for 2016.

  • Marie says:

    Thanks for sharing some of the behind-the-scenes magic with us! Your enthusiasm was a joy to watch and you’re certainly a beautiful human being 🙂 Merry Christmas x

  • Vanessa Marchant says:

    The reason I watch Strictly (dancing aside), when I do not watch any other reality TV show, is because of the camaraderie and genuine affection the stars and professionals have for one another. The respect they show the off stage staff and musicians and the emotion when a person leaves. It’s a show I want my kids to watch for the very same reasons. When you take part in a competition it’s lovely to win but what you take away from it is the most important part. Great year, possibly the best yet.

  • Lucy says:

    We had a ball watching it here in Italy,the production of the show, also It Takes Two, meant that like never before we the public could enter in the strictly bubble properly too. We’re feeling homesick and a bit bereft my 18 yr old daughter and I,but loving people and having a great time is like that. Thanks for a great season and great radio.

  • Georgina says:

    Love your blogs from the beginning when you shared the dressing experience. Saturday nights are now completely bereft.

  • Marla De Loach says:

    Thank you for bringing the SCD experience to an American DWTS fan. You made me feel like I was there, too. Your dancing gave me joy and your blogs gave me a vicarious thrill. A new fan in TEXAS. Remember – life is to be ENJOYED not ENDURED. CHEERS!

  • Sharon bartlett says:

    I have loved this series of strictly. A great bunch of celebs this year but you Jeremy where my favourite from week 1. You are such a positive happy person who has the ability to make us all feel happy just by watching you. I enjoyed the whole series but it just wasn’t the same once you had left. I even had a little £1 bet on you at 100/1 . Great memories of this years strictly. Very well done. Wishing you a very happy family Christmas. Sharon xx

  • Ian says:

    You illuminated me Saturday nights with your performances Jeremy, Len was right, “Genius!”.

    Series overall was fantastic, cliché, but it was the best standard I’ve seen.

    Jay is a worthy winner; Kellie on finals night was a different gravy, immense; Georgia is simply enchanting, divine even & Katie is elegance personified. The final three were a class above though.

    Roll on 2016 & Thank you for your blog too, really enjoyed it too.

    Almost forgot to nention Zoe Ball & the “It takes Two” crew. We love a bit if Zoe Ball of an evening, she’s a gem!

  • Heather McGlynn says:

    What an interesting blog you write. It is lovely to see a little of what goes on behind the scenes. Every single one of the dancers should be commended for taking part, I think you are all very brave. It is an amazing programme, the best thing on t v. We all enjoy it in my family, all 3 generations of us. A lovely bit of glitz, fun, escapism (for us!) and no awful swearing. Very sad you didn’t win though. Keep Dancing…..

  • Jane Melvin says:

    Thank you, Jeremy. You were wonderful on Strictly – to show the world the joy of the ballroom and to remind everyone that the show is about almost everything BUT the judges’ scores… so impressed with the whole lot of you and all you personally did to make it so special for everyone, especially my dear friend Katie D. So happy for Jay. So happy for all of you.

  • Jim says:

    Aww, Jeremy, you made me cry. You also made me remember a quote from Stanley Kubrick: “However vast the (universe’s) darkness, we must supply our own light.”

    Thanks – to you and all the rest – for some light to help drive away that darkness.

  • Christine says:

    Gonna miss you on my FB page Jeremy!

  • Dawn says:

    Thank you. You are the epitamy of what strictly is all about. Have a fabulous Christmas and and healthy 2016 xxx

  • Mary Cooper says:

    Your blog has been a joy to read so thank you for taking the time.
    You always gave everything to your dance and performance and for that alone I commend you.
    We’ll miss you and all the 2015 dancers soooo much

  • Julia Hall says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It’s been great fun this year and all the contestants have become our friends. There is a huge Strictly shaped hole in our lives now! Have a fabulous Christmas and love to all. If you are recording Eggheads when the tour comes to Glasgow hope you can show up! I have tickets! x

  • Jacky Hilary says:

    Came in on this v late, mainly to support Katie Derham who has kindly agreed to be the president of the Burgess Hill Symphony Orchestra, of which I am the Patrons’ Sec. Didn’t see you dance but have v much enjoyed your writing on your Strictly experience, Jeremy, here and in Radio Times

  • Margaret says:

    I totally agree with you about Jay’s jive which I will never erase from my pvr or get tired of watching, mesmerised every single time, one of those moments life lifts you up, just wonderful.

  • Christina Royal says:

    Oh Jeremy, I am sad it is over, more for you than for me! Your joy throughout was palpable and your blogs really communicated the sense of family in the whole production of the show. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂 xxx

  • Sue says:

    Thank you Jeremy, you have been a huge part of this years ‘best ever’ Strictly Come dancing! I watch every year, but this year has been so different, all of you celebrities have seemed to be bonded to each other and so very supportive. Well that is how it always came across to me! Thank you, for your fun and huge enthusiasm for the show and the others, they have spoken in interviews of how caring you are and a wonderful person. I was so happy that Jay and Aliona won in the end, but any of the last 4 standing could very well have taken the prize, they were all winners to get to the final, such fantastic dancers this year. I don’t know what I shall do now that SCD has now ended for this year! I will always remember, with a huge smile you on that horse! ❤️

  • Anne Forster says:

    Feeling a bit bereft now it’s all over. Loved watching Jay ,such a natural, who knew? I think this year I have been more engaged in the whole experience because of you Jeremy. Catching up with your blogs and twitter were essential. I would have liked Kellie and Kevin to win but hey ho, I loved the final anyway whoever would have won. Thanks so much for your sense of fun and your dry wit, another essential for the last few weeks. A very happy Christmas to you and your family Jeremy.

  • Deborah says:

    hi Jeremy, I loved your dancing and all your subsequent involvement in strictly, ( great blog ). You are a truly lovely man, and whatever you do you always manage to bring a smile to my face. Xxx

  • Rosanna says:

    Immense love for everyone on Strictly this year. All of you made my Saturdays shine, thank you so much <3

  • Dee Higgins says:

    I think this year’s Strictly was fantastic everyone of you put 100% into every dance and it looked like you all got on so well!Fab show can’t wait till next September but it will take something special to beat this season.Dee x

  • elaine wraith says:

    Mr. Vine, you are AMAZING darling – you typified what Strictly is about…..entertainment! I wanted Jay to win, what a lovely young man, he had the best dancer there too in Aliona who put in some great moves! Sad to see it end, but look forward to next year. Keep up the good work, Happy Christmas and may 2016 bring you joy, love and peace xxxxx

  • Melissa says:

    What on earth is going replace you and the whole Strictly team on Saturday nights for the next few months? Every year the dancing seems to get even stronger – who would have believed that 2015 could be even better than 2014? I also love Zoe Ball – It Takes Two enables us to get an extra strictly fix during the week, and a lot of tips on actual dancing technique, especially the hot cross bun remark.

    Your blogs have been so entertaining especially with the extra pics, your wit and perception sharp, and the series has been totally engrossing. I take ballroom dancing lessons – and know a little bit about how difficult it is to think about all the elements at once – frame, head, footwork, arms (especially when you are so much taller than your partner) – you name it every part of your body has to be in the right place – not to mention your memory which is pushed to its absolute limits. Co-ordination wise it is at least three times as difficult as my first driving lesson seemed to be many years ago!

    I voted for you – your wonderful smile and the way you took all those Craigisms on the chin was brilliant. The final three were all fabulous dancers – and you were all so supportive of each other. What a wonderful end to the series – huge congrats to all of you – especially Jay. What a revelation he has been – such a lovely guy.

    Thanks tons, Melissa x

  • Katy says:

    How fascinating to see the behind the scenes!! I secretly wanted Kelly to win too!!

  • Kate says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the blogs of your time in SCD and the final one is no exception. I thought all the finalists were excellent, but on the night I especially loved Kellie and Kevin. Hopefully getting the first 10 from Craig will be some consolation to them, and Craig’s comments to Georgia must have made her strictly experience extra special. This year’s contestants have been an amazing group, perhaps and you could sneak in join the new group in 2016 – I’m sure Karen would get you to Blackpool this time. I hope you, and your fellow celebs, have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you Jeremy for your blogs and for letting us all share your excitement. Congratulations not only to Jay but to every single one of you for the joy you have given so many of us since September. I for one shall miss you enormously.

  • Barbara says:

    Jeremy, you’re a lovely fella. Happy Christmas xx

  • Andrea Wallington says:

    Jeremy you are a true gentleman and a real joy to watch on strictly you really are what strictly is all about you always looked as if you were having the time of your life and as a viewer that’s all you ever want to see on a show so thank you xx

  • Pam says:

    Great blogs, Jeremy, and engrossing for we Strictly fans. Thank you for posting these – it has been a great time, I’m sure for all you wonderful contenders and for people like me who love it so much. I was away last night but recorded both progs and was terrified of accidentally hearing the final result before I watched my recordings. Congrats to Jay – a worthy winner; he certainly has a special something. Thanks again, Jeremy.

  • Terry Hunt says:

    I’ve loved every minute of Strictly as always, but it’s been equally enjoyable to read about the experience via your blog and facebook. Always so positive, uplifting, enlightening and ‘feeling the love’. I feel passionately that dancing, theatre, sport and any other activity which encourages anyone to engage with others and to push enhance their abilities, has to be a healthy thing…and should be encouraged. I’m sure Strictly goes long way to doing that. Jeremy, maybe you have a new found regard for the cast of the BA cabin crew, who have to rehearse all the routines for the Panto, when half the cast are missing at any one time?
    Another Kellie and Kevin fan here (Kevin being my fav choreographer too), but Jay is such a worthy winner. Already looking forward to Strictly 2017, but you’ll surely be missed.

  • Sharon Reade says:

    Awh that was so great to read Jeremy we love strictly here in Ireland wish the tour was coming here!!!! Can’t believe it’s all over for another year:(

  • Lesley Jarvis says:

    Thank you Jeremy for your wonderful blog….I have enjoyed every moment of it and felt as if I was on the Strictly journey with everyone ..I will admit to wanting Jay to win as I just loved the way he grew from that nervous young man who was shaking like a leaf to dancing with such confidence in that final Paso Doble….but I think this year all the contestants have given us the best series ever and for that I thank each and every one of you…..hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and don’t forget…..Keep dancing!!!!!

  • Judith says:

    Thank you for your blogs and your dancing. Both have been truly memorable! Huge congratulations to Jay for his win, a deserving champion who danced with his soul, not his face. Enjoy your Christmas and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

  • Wendy says:

    Fabulous reading, loved SCD this year the standard was out of this world, I live in France and watch you on eggheads but saw you in a different light on SCD I loved watching you dance you looked like you enjoyed every moment and always made me smile, with your wonderful smile. What shall I watch now it’s finished. Jay deserved to win I agree the jive was spectacular. The best ever SCD. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas

  • Mia says:

    Hello Jeremy,
    I’m probably The Lone Strictly Watcher from Belgium who enjoys the show each year enormously. Reading your ‘report’ wonderfully conveys the fun and the love you all shared during those 3 months! Thank you all for the lovely moments, I admire the courage in each and every one of you celebs. And I so much admire the patience and the professionalism of the Pros. Being a teacher myself (albeit languages) I can relate to their task. Happy festive season!

  • Karen Cooper says:

    Thanks Jeremy. Will so miss this year’s Strictly. You were all amazing. Thanks also for your blogs giving us an insight into the world that is “Strictly”. Good luck in all you do in the future. x

  • Oddoder says:

    Two things really struck me about this year’s Strictly; the camaraderie backstage, in which you played a huge part, and Jay’s serendipitous partnership with Aliona.

    You said that Jay won the contest in week three and I think that’s precisely the view a lot of people took, and probably precisely why he and Aliona decided not to dance it in the Final.

    I’d never heard of him before Strictly, but along with a lot of other people carrying more years than is strictly wise (think Bagpuss more than Cougar) I have found him mesmerising to watch. His pairing with Aliona has brought out the very best in both of them.

    And thereby hangs the question. If he had decided to take the ‘easy’ route to victory and dance the Jive in the final, what would have happened? Danced it well, he’d have got one nine and three tens. And won hands down. Danced it well with a few oopsies, he’d have been torn to shreds by the judges and still won hands down.

    I think both Jay and Aliona wanted to enter the Final showing that he’s so much more than a one-dance hoofer. They knew the decision could cost them votes, but they were true to themselves and prepared to exit Strictly with heads held high, having given their all. It was always all about the dance for both of them, and shows the huge respect Aliona has for Jay as a man and as a dancer.

    That the public continually voted for them in such numbers is testament to their ability to welcome the audience into their own, private world of dance. It ran through every performance like a seam of gold.

    Which brings me to your comment about Kellie finding time in her second dance to appear to point at the balcony and say ‘this is for you’.

    In saying that, I think you’ve encapsulated precisely why people voted for Jay and Aliona throughout the contest. Kellie’s a pro from tip to toe, but the fact that she was able to do that, mid-performance, could also indicate that she wasn’t fully ‘in’ the dance in the way that has made Jay and Aliona so mesmerising to watch throughout the series. They’re worthy winners.

  • Sue Alden says:

    I only watched because I listen to you every day on radio 2. I am now a convert . It was really exciting to see you all learning more every week . I do think you did very well as you hadn’t danced before . I also think it was so nice of you to be so good to each other as it was friendly rather than too competitive when seen on TV. I will be watching in the future programmes . Well done to everyone and especially Jay & Aliona .

  • Wendy says:

    I look at the final dances and think that Jay danced 3 technically challenging dances than the 2 girls did. They chose two swing dances in the Charleston and Kellie another swing dance Lindy Hop for her show dance. These are much easier dances than the medley of Latin American Jay and Aliona put together for their show dance, yes it needed a theme and no Jay isn’t a showy person – not a sequin in sight. The difference in difficulty is why Craig never award Jay a 10. A man leading such dances is very hard for an experienced dancer. Jay and Aliona also stamped their own easy style on each dance. I think Georgia did an absolutely brilliant move over Giovanni’s shoulder and down his back and I loved the blindfold idea in her show dance. Kellie is a show girl no doubt about it and she put a lot of pressure on the other dancers right at the end, which certainly added to the excitement as did the possibility of romance between Jay and Aliona. Finally I adored all your performances Jeremy and admit crying my eyes out when you were voted off!! Brilliant production of the last group dance you all did all wrapped it up nicely. Thanks to all at Strictly for 3 months of great entertainment, what will we do now on Saturday nights?!!!!!!

  • Rob Veryard says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    was a privilege to speak to you and get a photo with you and with Karen at the wrap party a few nights ago…couldn’t thank you enough for being so courteous. well done for keeping us consistently entertained in post production throughout your run…we were genuinely gutted when you went out, as I’m sure the public were too!

    Cheers, Rob

  • Romana says:

    Thank you for your blog, Jeremy. Just one final question: who is going on a tour?

  • Peakgirl says:

    Loved your performances, Jeremy and your lovely friendliness. However, I disagree about the balcony scene, as I thought it disrespectful to the other finalists and that, with the judges cruel comments to Jay, slightly tainted the final. I liked all the finalists, and came to love watching Georgia, but Jay and Aliona, in my eyes, were a class apart. Worthy champions, despite the press saying that Kellie was robbed. Kevin Clifton, always a gentleman has sent a lovely message to Jay and Aliona. Keep dancing.

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