My Strictly journey ends here

To every single person who supported us, thank-you so much. This video is my message to you.

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  • Donna Potts says:

    I have loved your performances on Strictly, each week. Your joy and professionalism have shone through every dance. I am not sure I will ever hear The Jam again in the same way.

    • Marion says:

      Your pure joy at participating shone through. Fabulous. So sorry your journey is over. Strictly wont be as much fun without you.

    • Sue says:

      It has been a total delight watching you week after week. You had so much fun and we could all see that. We are going to miss you, you had a great partner, she could have been six inches taller though, ha ha. All joking aside we will miss you. It was so much fun.

    • Pat Dancer says:

      What a lovely message Jeremy. You were terrific, well done. You have gone very much up in my estimation!

    • Julie Smith says:

      Hi Jeremy, fistly, you have every right to have been in the competition as long as you have. In my eyes you should have won the dance off. Jamelia was in her fourth dance off and the public clearly are not warming to her. After all it’s an entertainment/popularity show as much as dance. Your joy at dancing was contagious and joyful. You will be sorely missed.

    • T Chapman says:

      Jeremy, I miss your personality, you’ve been great! Your performance has been very entertaining. Hope we’ll see you in Children In Need with a guitar. Thessa.

  • Catherine faulks says:

    Jeremy you were such a gentleman on strictly. You entered the true spirit of the show and were a joy to watch every week. Keeeep dancing

  • Claire Fishleigh says:

    So sad to see you leave Strictly, but what an inspiration you are to anyone who has ever had to fight against the odds. Well done xx

  • Denise says:

    You have been so entertaining, i will miss watching you dance, sorry you did not make Blackpool xx

  • celia says:

    We will miss you Jeremy. My enjoyment at watching Eggheads will be much enhanced by getting to ‘know’ what a delightful person you are. x

  • Amanda Newell says:

    You’ve been a joy to watch Jeremy. Your professionalism and wonderful attitude and respect towards others is an example to everyone! Thank you x

  • Julie says:

    Jeremy,,,you were Fabulous! just Fabulous,,and the most sincere darling man,,have loved your performances,,so sad to see you leave. Karen was the perfect partner for you. Thanks for the entertainment-you made this Strictly series extra special-Julie Xx

  • Helen Grieve says:

    I have loved your efforts every week, and it gives comfort to me, who truly cannot dance to save my life. Your determination and professionalism have been an inspiration, and I will sorely miss you and Karen. Now have to vote for Anton and Katie, as I dearly want Anton to lift the trophy for once, after all the partners he’s endured who had no hope!

  • Caroline says:

    Sadly today was the day. What a shame, you were great and so entertaining. But more importantly you demonstrated that you dont have to be brilliant at everything to be successful, (although I know you are brilliant in other fields!) You did a great job and represented all of us who do our best but will never be ‘the best’. What fantastic comments from your colleagues, that says everything. Well done!!

  • David O'Brien says:

    What has been amazing about you Jeremy is your gracious attitude to everyone around you. That is what has made you inspiring through this whole contest. You had a spirit of fun, and hard work through each dance, and appeared generous to everyone who has supported you. A true winner in many people’s eyes and a continual inspiration in trying out anything and not giving up too easily. You are a legend!

  • Pauline says:

    Dear Jeremy,

    I am a big fan of your radio show so was completely thrilled when it was announced you were going to be on Strictly.

    I can’t even begin to explain the joy you give each week with your clear commitment and sense of fun. Saturday evenings on Strictly will not be the same without you. God bless you and all the best.


  • Michele says:

    Well done Jeremy, excellent attitude ad example to your girls xx

  • Claire Marsh says:

    Every week you made me smile and grow more and more in admiration of Karen.I think they should have let you do Blackpool anyway.Good Luck in everything you do…Oh and KEEP DANCING

  • Louise Clarke says:

    You were all that is lovely about Strictly. Enthusiastic, determined and just so smiley. My winner 🙂

  • Louise White says:

    Jeremy, you were kicking it for us here in East Devon. You had our support and we voted for you every week. You took us on your journey. So sad that you have gone. Strictly won’t be the same without you. But thank you you for including us.

    All the best


  • Paul Jacobs says:

    Paul Jacobs
    Well done Jer….you brought genuine passion and commitment to this show. You should have gone to Blackpool!

  • Mary Mosedale says:

    I have enjoyed your performances, joyfulness, enthusiasm and determination so much every week. Also your comments on Facebook. I voted for you every week and really wanted you to go to Blackpool.

  • Neil Hooper says:

    You are an inspiration Mr Vine.
    Your sheer determination to overcome ,to keep practising to make perfect will I am sure inspire a lot of people.
    It has me.THANKYOU.

  • Emma Simpson says:

    Jeremy you truly are a star! You have been amazing every week and have never failed to entertain or put a smile on people’s face! You didn’t deserve to leave and certainly don’t deserve the negative comments that have come your way. You have been everything strictly is all about! It will not be the same without you! This show has proved how much the public love you and you deserve it. I will miss you Jeremy. Well done for getting as far as you did! You were truly the people’s champion!!!

  • Kathy says:

    Jeremy its been a joy to watch you and I really wanted you to get to Blackpool. Thanks for the entertainment we will miss you

  • Claire Gasson says:

    You and Karen were such a partnership with fantastic, entertaining performances. I voted for you every week – Strictly just won’t be the same! Keeeeep dancing!

  • Wendy Darwin says:

    Sad to see u go Jeremy, u have been my highlight every week. The joy of dance shining through on your face. Keep dancing !

  • Joe Hinchliffe says:

    Jeremy you were an absolutely brilliant sport and I thoroughly enjoyed watching your performance every week! Based on your personality and effort you would have won the show hands down! You were brilliant thank you!

  • Helen Breeze says:

    I disagree,you had every right to be there! You are my inspiration & Strictly will not be the same without you. I am so sad you won’t be dancing next week. You deserved your place as much as anyone else there,more so infact,you had no previous dance training. Thank you for making Strictly so special this year. We loved watching your improvement each week.

  • Angela says:

    Jeremy its been an absoloute joy and a pleasure to watch you each week on Strictly . Your determination and work ethic I hope will be an inspiration to others

  • carol says:

    Your daughters should be so proud and know that putting all your effort into something can be so amazing to add to your life skills. xx

  • Donna Stewart says:

    What a wonderful gentleman you are. You were so complimentary about everyone. It was a pleasure to watch you dancing. Don’t give up dancing, keep on going. Donna 🙂

  • Karen woods says:

    Will miss you Jeremy, you have been brilliant, very entertaining. Loved watching you every week. Will have to make do with listening to you in radio 2 now. Would have loved to see you dance at Blackpool. Don’t give up the dancing!! Xx

  • Jill Darcy says:

    You were and are my winner .. Love you on radio 2 and seeing you like this was just fabulous .. You are such a gentleman and your wife,daughters and family will be so proud of you .. Sorry about Blackpool but you have been a joy to watch and the show won’t be the same without you .. Xx

  • Sharon Smith says:

    Enjoy watching you on strictly thanks for an enjoyable Saturday night.

  • Georgina Jane Petty says:

    Glad you had such a cracking run
    A smile brighter than the sun
    Boundless energy
    Not quite footloose and fancy free
    But it did not matter one jot
    You entertained us such a lot
    So back to watching you on Eggheads
    Rest your twitchy twirling legs
    Dancing shoes may get dusty
    The moves a bit rusty
    Yet the memories will remain
    No Blackpool… Are the voters insane?!
    Never mind you have it a go
    Thanks for being on the show

  • jean says:

    So sad to see you go……you were an inspiration ….didn’t matter about winning, you are such a great role model for your children…and everyone else. In a world where winning can seem to be the be all and end all you showed that taking part, working hard, doing your best and enjoying what you do is what truly matters… have made me smile each week.. well done, Jeremy! x

  • Anon says:

    I’m so sad you’ve left! I voted so many times for you on Saturday (let’s not talk about that…). Me and my friend wanted you to get to the finals! :(:(:(

  • Vicky Playford says:

    Jeremy, you are a true inspiration to all of us none dancers, you have shown us all what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Your daughters must extremely proud of you

  • Georgina Jane Petty says:

    “Have given it a go”
    Sorry .. Typo haha

  • Shona Wallace says:

    You were absolutely wonderful and a joy to watch each week Jeremy! X

  • Sarah & Harry Mitchell says:

    We are so sad you’re leaving Strictly. Your joy & enthusiasm for learning to dance was lovely to see every weekend. It won’t be the same without you! We love you Jeremy!

  • Fiona Sedgwick says:

    Jeremy – you are just so lovely! I loved watching you dancing each week because you were so obviously enjoying yourself. It will be a (slightly)less joyous experience without you.

  • Teresa Swinney says:

    Well done and thank you. Your love, energy and enthusiasm for SCD has shone through and for me, has made the 2015 series. You have been everything that strictly is about. Sorry to see you go. The People Champion .

  • Gill sharry says:

    Just loved watching you perform and you made Saturday nights fun. Hope you do the Strictly tour.

  • Val Smith says:

    Jeremy I am SO sad to see you leave Strictly. You have been a delight and an inspiration each and every week; you earned EVERY inch of the right to be there as long as you were, and most importantly of all, you have given your lucky little daughters the most precious gift of the memory and model of their lovely, bright and hilarious dad, falling at the last hurdle (!) but Daring Greatly. Well done and great respect to you, you are a sublime example to dads everywhere!! Xx

  • Sue Baker says:

    Jeremy you are an inspiration to us all, you will be sadly missed by all of us at home watching week by week, you put your heart and soul into each week, thank you xx

  • Elizabeth says:

    Jeremy, I’m so pleased that you decided to appear on Strictly – you’ve been brilliant and it won’t be the same without you. Thank you for lighting up my Saturday nights!

  • Kim says:

    You really are such a lovely man a great journalist and presenter just not a great dancer.I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to Blackpool but you were a joy to watch because of your enthusiasm and dedication.

  • Imogen says:

    You were given a dancer nearly a foot shorter than you and you both made it work. You’re an inspiration proving that everyone can dance.
    I’ve loved watching you every week.
    I hope you get to take the plastic horse home.
    You’re a great guy and a true gent. X

  • Bricey says:

    You had EVERY right to be in wk 8!! You didn’t put a step wrong and was ALWAYS on beat!! Be proud..Will miss you and gorgeous Karen xxx


    I am so sorry we’re not going to see you and Karen in Blackpool. I have LOVED your determination and entertainment every week. Your daughters will be rightly proud. Look forward to the follow up to “Its all News to Me” with a Strictly chapter!!!

  • Laura says:

    I have just loved watching you each week. Sad to see you go, you’ve done amazingly well and have inspired so many people! Thank you!

  • Debra Waltham says:

    Well done Jeremy, for everything you have achieved over these past few weeks. You have been an absolute joy to watch. Your enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment for dancing has been a pleasure to watch each week. I love listening to the Jeremy Vine show on radio 2, but feel that we have now really got to know you as a person…………and what a lovely person you are. You are one of a kind. Keep dancing………

  • Lauren says:

    Well done Jeremy! I loved watching your performances each week, it was clear to see how much effort you put in and how much you enjoyed dancing! I think you have improved the most from having no dancing experience and I hope you are not too sad to leave and keep on dancing! all the best to a lovely guy!

  • Vicky says:

    My eight year old cried because you left she loved watching you dance and your words and actions have inspired her to dance whenever she,can

  • Lynn Mullins says:

    Totally fab! You brought a smile to my face in every performance! Sorry to see you go!

  • April raynor says:

    Well done Jeremy! Loved watching you, we were shouting at the TV for Jezza every week. My nine yr old daughter loved watching you too. You were great. April x ps love listening to you on radio 2 every day too.

  • Marie says:

    Oh Jeremy I’m so sorry to see you leave. Your attitude to the competition and life in general has been a complete joy to witness. Your enthusiasm is amazing and a real inspiration. Your girls are incredibly blessed to have you. You have achieved more through strictly than you will ever know for many people that have been touched by your positivity. Stay happy!! Xx

  • Sophie says:

    Dear Jeremy,
    I have watched strictly for a number of years, have always had my favorite, but never have I felt so emotional about someone leaving the show.
    I am so happy you had the courage to dance infront of millions despite not being a natural dancer, it gave us the opportunity to know you more are see the beautiful human being you are.

  • Susan says:

    I have enjoyed your dancing so much. Great fun, entertaining, the lovely smile and the improvement each week. So sorry to see you go.

  • Nadine says:

    Jeremy I am gutted for you. You were really enjoying yourself. Sad to see you go but you can put ya feet up now.

  • Tasha says:

    Jeremy ❤️
    I am so sad u have been voted out x I thought u were brilliant every week nd made me smile n cheer at the tv every Saturday night x the show will not be the same without u nd am gonna miss ur gentlemanly smile x ur the first ever contestant that I have shed a few tears for nd will not forget my favourite dance u did – the Charleston x amazing inspiration for all nd everyone can learn something from ur positivity nd passion xxx

  • Alison Sugars says:

    Saturday night won’t be the same without you. You did so well Jeremy and should be proud of what you achieved.
    I am a Field Service Engineer and drive many miles for my job; during which you keep me company along the way. I love listening to your show on radio 2.❤️Xx

  • Brynne Hirst says:

    You’ve been a top bloke on strictly.Sorry to see you go. It’s not worth watching now

  • Carol Hughes says:

    Jeremy….you are my favourite presenter on TV and radio and now you’re my favourite Strictly dancer. So sorry we won’t be seeing you at Blackpool. You are a lovely gentleman! Look forward to listening to you on radio 2 tomorrow. Best wishes and keep up the dancing x

  • Clare Russell says:

    Jeremy I would just like to say your performances lit up our Living room every week. Your enjoyment shone through and were so entertaining. So thank YOU so much am actually gutted your gone and wish you were going to Blackpool.

  • Babet Gray says:

    What fun and zest you have brought to Strictly. It won’t be the same without you, that’s for sure. A true gentleman too. Thank you for entertaining us all these weeks and for showing true grit to your girls and everyone.
    See you on Eggheads 😉

  • Karen Cooper says:

    Oh my! Such a loss for Strictly!
    I am going to miss to too much….
    My heart is broken.

  • Vanessa says:

    You have been a delight and a great example of commitment, enthusiasm, good manners, gracious, charming and such good fun too. You will be missed.

  • Jackie dolphin says:

    I am so sad you have gone, you made me so happy watching you, I love your smile and I love your sheer joy at dancing, it really won’t be the same without you, you are a real gentleman Jeremy, and a fantastic role model, I can’t believe you won’t be there next week, such a shame you went this week, you should have stayed much longer, you were not a dancer to start with and every week you got better. thank you so much for making my Saturday nights so much happier. I will miss your smile xx

  • Jane Faull says:

    Thank you. You were amazing. Your daughters should be very proud of you. Strictly won’t be the same. What a gentleman.

  • Max and Rob says:

    We loved watching Karen and yourself on Strictly and we will miss shouting at the tele every Sat and Sun night….COME ON JEZZER xx

  • Steve Jones says:

    Jeremy you should be justifiably proud of your efforts as they were entirely done in the spirit of entertainment

  • Julie says:

    My eight year old daughter has gone to bed tonight clutching a tissue. You were her favourite and she so wanted you to get to Blackpool. Your enthusiasm was infectious and we have loved watching you.

  • John Hueston says:

    Jeremy you are what Strictly Come Dancing is all about, entertainment. Each week you and Karen brought fun and a smile to the competition with your routines. Wish you had made it to Blackpool. Strictly will be poorer without your smile and Karen’s spirit. As Brucie used to say “Keep Dancing”. Just think you’ll be able to coach Ken Bruce for next year!

  • Caroline says:

    Gutted that you have gone Jeremy, but you went out in style dancing to my favourite band. I have so enjoyed watching you on Strictly every week, if points were awarded for enjoyment, enthusiasm & a sexy smile you would have scored full marks every week!

  • Netty says:

    You’re not a looser to me Jeremy, you have entertained us for for weeks now and sorry to see you go. You have been an absolute joy! Thank you. I wonder what your next challenge will be? Xxx

  • Gemma says:

    Jeremy you are an absolute joy.

  • Lorna says:

    I didn’t vote for you Jeremy, but I loved watching you. The best was when you and Karen got a 4 from Craig, it was so lovely to watch. I wanted you to win this dance-off and get to Blackpool. Sorry to see you

  • Christine says:

    I have watched Strictly from the beginning and love every element of it. Your participation in it has been a real high point. Although not the greatest dancer – your eagerness, your humour and your sheer entertainment value was so engaging. You on that horse will live long, alongside Anne Widdecombe flying and Russell Grant being fired from a cannon.

  • Rachel says:

    Jeremy so sad to see you go from strictly. It won’t be the same without u and your never ending smile. X

  • Jane says:

    You are certainly a winner, you had every right to stay in to week eight! You were a joy to watch with that infectious smile like Carol’s. Ever the professional and dedicated to the task in hand. Your daughters will no doubt be extremely proud of your effort to learn a new skill and to not give up! Fantastically well done, you are what Strictly should be about, the show will be all the poorer for you not being in it!

  • Joanne Martin says:

    Ah Jeremy I bother you on Twitter often but just wanted to congratulate you on your past few weeks of dance. I usually refrain from watching these “celebrity” focused programmes as most participating annoy me! I have dipped into watching Strictly because of you! My family joke as I’m always your biggest fan but you strike me as genuinely kind and caring – my profession gives me a radar!! Anyhow don’t be disheartened think of all you’ve achieved and like my husband always tells me “everyone’s mad except us!!” Cheers to you !!!

  • Beverley says:

    Thank you for entertaining us on Strictly! It has been lovely to watch you learning a new skill, and the pleasure you have derived from dancing with Karen has been a real joy to see. Well done 🙂

  • Clare Hayward says:

    Strictly lost a little sparkle tonight! Your performances were the ones we looked forward to each week. The pure joy in your face in each dance was magical. You’ll truly be missed.

  • Jo Barclay says:

    Oh Jeremy I’m so sad that you’ve gone. I love your radio show and was so excited when you signed up for Strictly and I wasn’t disappointed. Watching your journey with Karen each week has been a joy. Reading your blog and watching your videos have shown the determination you’ve had to improve. You’ve been an inspiration and your daughters must be so proud of you. Keeeep dancing xx

  • Elaine says:

    You were a pleasure to watch every week. A true professional and gentleman xx

  • Andrea Smith says:

    Loved, loved, loved you on Strictly. You were fun to watch, very entertaining, and I always sat watching you with a big smile on my face. So very sad to see you go tonight. really wanted to see you reach Blackpool, but well done on what you have achieved so far. You have a lot to be proud of xx

  • Anita says:

    Loved you’re journey on Strictly and sad to see you go. You gave it your all and I hope you feel proud of yourself x

  • Val Williamson says:

    So sad to see you leave SCD, you and Karen were a joy each week. You have such a wonderful, positive and genuine attitude to the show and this really shone through. You’ll really be missed in our household. xxx

  • Angela says:

    As a stay at home mother who left my career to raise my three fabulous kids your Radio 2 show has always (more often than not!) kept my sanity. I was shocked at first when I heard you were to star in Strictly but watched you each week with admiration and support. You are a lovely man and such an inspiration to watch and to listen to. Bad luck on the result tonight but your strength of character has been both inspiring and wonderful to watch over the last couple of weeks. Well done.

  • Richard says:

    Top top effort Jeremy, Strictly will most certainly miss you, as will I, my Wife and my eldest daughter, you brought a certain, well, not sure what I’d call it, a certain feel good factor and you were very entertaining. It was also very refreshing to see the man behind the voice we listen to everyday carry himself so well. Absolute Gentleman fella. Well done

  • Lynda Downes says:

    You have been such a gentleman it’s been great watching you each week well done and please keep dancing thank you

  • Ruth Parker says:

    A huge “WELL DONE!” from my family Jeremy.
    Thank you for the fantastic example you have set showing such determination and hard work. You have been so much fun to watch.Thank you also for being the epitomy of a perfect gentleman. Thanks to Karen for all she did to keep you in the competition.
    Best wishes
    P.S. I also love yourlunchtime radio show on R2!

  • Lisa says:

    Your ever so humble thank you video is just adorable, as were you
    Blackpool would be so much richer with you there, sadly not to be. I voted for you every week Mr V, so sad you’re gone. X

  • Kitty says:

    Oh Jezza, I am gutted you are gone. I am a hoop dance coach and help people connect with their inner dancer (with a hoop!). I thought you were quite majestic, delightful and your smile lit the room. I will miss you so much. Please keep dancing!

  • Rachel Coxon says:

    I think you should go along to Blackpool anyway and sneak in on the professionals group dance – everyone would love to see you! x

  • Emma says:

    You were awesome!! X

  • Lynn Fitzpatrick says:

    So sad to see you go! You were a gentleman and I loved your enthusiasm every week. You were so entertaining and the obvious pleasure it gave to you. You are a great role model to your daughters Jeremy so keeeeep dancing!!

  • Dorothy Pilmer says:

    Sorry to see you go Jeremy. Your North East Fan Club will be very disappointed.

  • Angela Johnson says:

    Love you Jeremy! Want you at Blackpool!! Voted so many times for you. You have been beyond a joy to watch every week and to say that you will be missed from SCD would be the biggest understatement in the universe. Would love to see your Paso at Blackpool sir!

  • Wendy says:

    Gutted you’re gone, voted for you every week (along with Jay), and so sad you will not be in Blackpool. I wanted to see ‘mysterious girl’ in the final! Maybe they will make a slot for you (fingers crossed). Will continue to follow you on Twitter and listen on R2, and look forward to you’re other exploit’s xxx

  • Andrea says:

    Jeremy, your attitude has been an inspiration. You are a true gentleman and every week you entertained and brought a smile to everyone’s face. The way you handled your exit with grace and charm, paying tribute to Karen, was very moving. I’m so sad you didn’t get to Blackpool, you deserved it with all the effort you put in and how hard you worked. One thing for sure though, your daughters will be very very proud of you. Thank you for making us all feel part of your “journey”… Keep dancing X

  • Tracey Clerc says:

    Sooooo sad to see you go Jeremy. Looked forward to watching you each week; You’re enjoyment of the experience was plain to see as you captured, exactly the spirit of strictly. Such a lovely man.

  • Beth constantinou says:

    An inspiration to everyone. Loved watching you. Amazing!!! X

  • Tracy Lynn says:

    So sorry to see you go, i loved how you never made a mistake, how your joy at dancing showed in your smile. You are a gentleman .

  • helen says:

    You have been a delight to watch. I had tears in my eyes tonight when you were voted off. But be proud of yourself, you did great. I listen to your radio show most days & love it.x

  • Diane Bloom says:

    Hi, I have loved watching you on Strictly, and would have loved you and Karen to have gone to Blackpool, you are what this show is all about, you were amazing and I love listening to your radio programme on BBC2 🙂 xxxx

  • Ingrid Brawn says:

    Dear Jeremy, you have been such a delight to watch because you are such fun and have a great personality!! Don’t be too sad that you haven’t made it to Blackpool! Thank you very much for having made me smile so much!! Please stay on Facebook and continue to make it your personal site where we can keep in touch! And please continue your blog! We can discuss current affairs,topics which you are reporting on Radio 2,and whatever we would like to discuss with you and you with us!! You haven’t only made friends on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’; you have made lots of friends on FB and on your blog :-)!! Keep posting, keep sharing!! With best wishes,love and a warm hug from Ingrid x

  • Cheryl Gravenell says:

    So sorry to see you leave Strictly Jeremy, I have been looking forward to your performance every week and it’s your enthusiasm that I love so much.
    Your family must be so proud of you and it is an experience that will stay with you forever, looking forward to hearing about it on the radio show tomorrow. X

  • Gemma says:

    Jeremy, I feared I would like you less once I’d seen you dancing. How wrong I was! You are a true gentleman, an absolute joy. I shed a tear when you were voted off, and I’ve shed a tear watching your vlog. Thank you for making this my favourite Strictly series ever! ❤️

  • Katrina says:

    Jeremy you epitomised what Strictly is about for me, a complete beginner who really wanted to learn to dance and enjoyed every minute of it, the joy could be seen every week. On top of that you are a gentleman, your family are very lucky to have you as a role model. I very much wished you had a few more weeks on Strictly as you brought such joy to so many people as you can see from all these comments, all the best to you and not forgetting Karen who was also amazing.

  • Letitia says:

    have thoroughly enjoyed watching you on one of my favourite shows, you did yourself proud and will continue to listen to you on the radio, if not watch you. Well Done

  • Charlotte says:

    You had every right to be in the competition at week 8. You epitomise what Strictly is all about. Loved watching you, you are thoroughly entertaining and so sad we don’t get to see you dance in Blackpool.

  • Susan says:

    Jeremy I have loved every minute of all your performances on Strictly! You are an inspiration and so entertaining. You are proof that putting in the effort will produce results and that you should never give up based on other people’s opinions and criticisms! Well done for getting so far in a very tough competition this year!!

  • Becky says:

    What a lovely, lovely man you are! So sad you’ve left strictly. It really won’t be the same without you!

  • Lesley Jarvis says:

    Thank you for letting us share your journey with you Jeremy, have enjoyed your blogs, the snippets of information and your joy each Saturday night when you were dancing….it shone through…you deserved the standing ovation you got at the end with even the judges standing…:)…most of all I have no doubt your family are immensely proud of you…well done…

  • eileen yates says:

    Will miss You and Karen. The enjoyment showed every week.

    Keep Dancing. Your Daughters will be so proud of their Dad.

    You are always a Gentleman and so humble.

  • Joanna Turton says:

    Jeremy, an absolute joy to watch, always leaving behind a smile. Thank you & I will miss your joyful performances. Truly sorry to see you leave the competition. Keep dancing won’t you? 🙂

  • Sue Hope says:

    Just sneak on the bus to Blackpool next week anyway, we won’t tell! Seriously, you and Karen have been such a highlight of this years series. We will miss you and it will not be the same without you.Thank you for all the interesting backstage info and insights into the Strictly world. Keep dancing

  • Ken Nutt says:

    Jeremy, you embodied the spirit of Strictly and we’ve enjoyed every performance. Well done.

  • Jim Lindsay says:

    Your professionalism as a talented broadcaster shone through with the dignity of your exit from this show. I admire you now more than ever for the guts for doing it in the first place.

  • Kathleen Young says:

    Hi Jeremy so sad to see you go tonight. True gent, always entertaining. Enjoyed your dances very much

  • Irene says:

    Sorry to see you go Jeremy. So as I suspected the dance off is on the Saturday night… gave the game away there in your twitter Jeremy. Who will I vote for now??

  • Jacqueline Thomas says:

    Been great watching your journey Jeremy, so sad you didn’t make Blackpool week. However you should be proud of your achievements….. Well done!!

  • Mary Ellison says:

    Jeremy you have been a real pleasure to watch. Your enthusiasm and pure joy has shone through every week. Well done to you and Karen for getting through to week 8 x

  • Aaron Painter says:

    Absolute genius. You deserve every accolade coming to you.
    You are made for TV.
    I haven,t stopped smiling for the last hour.

  • Elaine Hardwick-Moseley says:

    All I can say is love you! Thanks for your dedication and commitment to the show. A little bird tells me you’ll be at Blackpool anyway so hope to see you there! Could be sitting next to you even! You’re an inspiration xxx

  • Sarah Turner says:

    Jeremy, thankyou. I have enjoyed watching you so much, and I’m sad you won’t get to dance at Blackpool, but you’ve been an inspiration. Thankyou again. x

  • Ali Bushnell says:

    Oh Jeremy. Saturday nights won’t be half as much fun anymore. You put so much into each performance and you could see how much you enjoyed the whole experience. Well done to you and Karen for all the great routines. You have not only made a friend for life in her, but have secured a legion of new fans who have seen another side to you. Keep smiling and thanks for making Strictly fun.

  • Denise Bowyer says:

    Sorry to see you leave Strictly Jeremy. But thank you for entertaining us for the past eight weeks and demonstrating how far you can get with determination and perseverance. It was a joy to watch you.

  • Kim yates says:

    So sorry to see you go Jeremy you were such a joy to watch you came out and entertained us and gave it your absolute best every week you are a very true gentleman with an amazing smile keep dancing

  • Lee eckersall says:

    Jeremy im absolutely gutted, you brought so much joy to our saturday nights. I listen to you everyday on radio 2 you are a legend thanks a million.

    You both will be sorely missed x

  • Susan says:

    So sorry to see you leave Strictly, I have enjoyed all your performances and you have been an inspiration to a great many people who can see the improvement You have made since the beginning because of the effort you always put in to perfecting each dance! Well done for getting this far in a very tough competition this year with some very talented dancers!

  • Sarah Flynn says:

    Loved watching you Jeremy…Such a gentleman throughout…Will miss you… :'( XXX

  • Leslie Thompson says:

    Thank you so much Jeremy for the last few weeks I have enjoyed sharing the journey with you so much xx

  • Sue Bennett says:

    Watching your strictly journey with Karen has been fantastic.So entertaining loved watching you improve each week. Keep Dancing!!

  • Ian Thomson says:

    You approached Strictly with the right attitude and determination.

    I am sorry to see you go and for you not get the opportunity to do your paso doble to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” which would have seen you being suspended in the air with a guitar!

    Great speech!

  • Helen says:

    Strictly just won’t be the same without you Jeremy! I listen to your radio show and it has been so lovely to see your ‘other’ fun side.
    You will be missed in Blackpool!

  • Florence says:

    Jeremy, you have honestly been the highlight of Strictly 2015. There are not many celebrities with whom you truly feel like you experienced their Strictly journey with them, but with your posts on social media and videos of you rehearsing in the Radio 2 studio it feels like we have been with you every step of the way. It has been truly inspiring to see your progress, and your enthusiasm and drive has clearly left an impression on so many people, as has the kind nature you continuously convey. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and for being an inspiration to be a better person. P.S. A signed photo would be absolutely brilliant if you’ve started doing those! xxx

  • Joyce says:

    Like others here, so sorry to see you leave this weekend. You had every right to get this far, in my opinion! I was so hoping you would get to Blackpool, with or without your donkey! You’ll be missed by your many supporters next week, as you brought something special to the show. I also enjoyed your weekly article in RT. Thanks, Jeremy. All the Very Best, Joyce.x

  • Beverley Moore says:

    So sorry to see you go Jeremy. Would have been lovely to see you at Blackpool. I think Karen is lovely but I dId not think the shower cap, the horse and then the cart did you both justice! Would love to have seen you do something a little more romantic in white tie and tails and she in a beautiful dress. Just my personal thoughts. But very well done!! You are a true gentleman! It’s so sad. X

  • Terhi says:

    So sorry to see you go Jeremy. Enjoyed seeing you dance so much every week and you are such a lovely person. Was really looking forward to seeing you dance at Blackpool – the concept sounded great – and what will happen to the donkey now?

  • Jenny Louise says:

    Jeremy, you have been de-Vine to watch. I voted for you every week without fail and enjoyed your performances so much. You brought so much fun to the show and I honestly teared up when you left (sad admission). I’m so glad you posted the above video about how much fun you’ve had with Karen. I hope that you signed off from Strictly on Saturday evening and immediately hopped in a plane on your way to the jungle so that we can watch your glorious self some more (long shot). You are a true gentleman and I will be listening to your radio 2 show to get my Jezza fix.

    -Jenny Louise

  • Deborah says:

    Jeremy you were and are just fabulous both on the dance floor and as a person. I voted for you every week as the amount of effort and enthusiasm you and Karen put into every performance was superb. I was really upset you went out tonight. You’ll be missed. Xxxxx

  • Jane Wright says:

    Jeremy loved every moment of your journey, you are a real gentleman and I look forward to listening to you tomorrow.

  • Gill says:

    Determination, tons of effort, loads of improvement and at the end, charming and gracious in defeat. A true example to all of us that as long as you do your best, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t win…and that being a good sport is far more important than being good at whatever you are doing. Thank you for brightening up my weekends. I hope you and Karen continue to keep in touch long after the series ends….and maybe from time to time you and she, Kevin and your wife can go out tea dancing in a foursome! Have fun.

  • Christine says:

    Loved every second, voted for you each week. You are entertaining and genuine. You’ll be missed.

  • Tania Godwin-evans says:

    Oooh Jeremy you said you had no right to be at week 8 but you had just as much right to be there as some other dancers.

    I love listening to you on Radio 2 and seeing you on Eggheads. I now love you even more having participated in SCD. You were a joy to watch and your enthusiasm and love each week definitely came through. Its a shame you didn’t make Blackpool. It would be nice to know whether you plan on keeping this up even if it is more on a social dancing side. Will miss you fr the rest of the series J. You are a truly marvelous gentleman.

  • Joanna Cartwright says:

    So sorry Jeremy x you are a true gentleman We loved watching you and you improved every week and your effort you put into each dance was outstanding you will be missed xx

  • Clare Cooke says:

    Dear Jeremy, our family are so very sad that your Strictly journey ended tonight! We have enjoyed watching you every week and, most importantly, improving in the art of dance! You look like you had a ball and your genuine sense of fun and enjoyment shone through. You remained upbeat even with the most ghastly comments from the judges (although I have to say the stalk/lightning comment was ridiculously funny). Great show and glad you had the nerve to have a go, as we all got to see a real gent perform on Strictly. Hope you keeeeeeeep dancing.

  • Jeremy – you had EVERY right to be here at week 8. I’m just gutted you won’t be at Blackpool, the show would’ve been just that little bit more lovely with you in it. You are what SCD is all about for me and many other fans. Not only that, but you’ve shared so much of yourself in your social media posts, blogs etc – and in doing so you’ve made a huge impact, far beyond anything you’d expect from an entertainment show. Thank you!

  • Ruth Bilbe says:

    Jeremy, the world is a richer place with your joy, enthusiasm and zest in it. I have always been a great fan of yours, but my support of you and your philosophies on life has quadrupled. I have loved your dances and your outlook on life and it’s challenges and am not sure strictly holds much for me now. Thank you for the joy and delight we have shared with you. Kind regards x

  • David Moss says:

    So sorry to see you go, had hoped you would make it to Blackpool. You gave your all, remained happy and gentlemanly and so gracious in defeat that I hope others learn from. An inspiration to all.

  • Luise says:

    Och Jeremy, there were tears in my eyes tonight. I didn’t want your Strictly journey to end when you so clearly loved everything about it. You have been inspirational. Of course we all know you from the Radio and your TV work but Strictly showed us Jeremy ‘The Man’ – and what a genuinely lovely man you are. Thank you for being you. Lx

  • Pam Copeland says:

    My deaest Jeremy, I have so enjoyed watching you on a Saturday night,it just won’t be the same
    Without you and Karen,it was so apparent the hard work and dedication you put in to each performance, your family must be so proud of you.
    I follow your radio show on radio2,and also eggheads with great interest, you bring so much joy into so many lives. Xxx

  • monty says:

    Well done Jeremy you enjoyed and embraced your experience.sad to see you go tonite wanted you to get to will be missed x

  • Peter says:

    The joy and attitude you gave each week was a sheer pleasure to see. You weren’t the best dancer but you gave it your all with a smile. You have shown what trying can do. A lesson to all who think about giving up. Thank you

  • Gillian Wilson says:

    Im not really a strictly fan, but I’m a Jeremy Vine fan. Every week we’ve watched you & Karen, loved to see how much you enjoyed it and how much effort you put in every week, it won’t be the same without you 🙁 x

  • Niba says:

    Always have been a big fan of the Jeremy Vine show and egg heads so was looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor.Your hard work and dedication has been so inspirational and the message you have send across to lot of youngsters is “never to give up and give your best”.I have a 14year old boy who has been inspired by your determination and commitment so first of all a big thank you for that.What a true gentleman you have been!! Strictly won’t be the same without your smiling face and we will all miss you on Saturday night,keep dancing.

  • Karen Biddle says:

    Jeremy what a lovely, Kind, gentleman you are, you and karen danced so well together, you are my favourites xx

  • Pam says:

    Sorry to see you go Jeremy. We have enjoyed your weekly journey into the world of dance.
    See you on Eggheads!

  • Julie Russell says:

    So disappointed you’re not going to Blackpool after I had my phone on re-dial voting for you! You really brightened the programe up and it definitely won’t be the same without you 🙁

  • Joan Thomas says:

    My all time favourite Strictly series because of you and Karen. What joy you have both brought to the viewers each week. Jeremy always listen to your radio show and knew as soon as the public got to know who you are they would love you! So glad you have enjoyed your time on Strictly and most importantly, think of the amazing new friends you have made. Friends for life – what more could you ask for!! X

  • Sarah says:

    You are an honour and a gentleman and an example to us all about how to handle yourself and the challenges life throws at you. No longer a dad-dancer, you will forever now be a ‘Strictly’ dancer: an acolade throughly deserved after all your hard work! Enjoy the rest but keep basking in your undeniable glory!!

  • Karen Shepherd says:

    Can’t quite believe you leaving Strictly left me with tears rolling down my face. You gave us all a real lesson in doing your very best, not winning, is what really matters. Your family, and most especially, your daughters must be super proud of you xxx

  • Maureen says:

    We loved you every week Jeremy. Your daughters will be so proud of you. X

  • Nicola says:

    Jeremy, you earned your right to be there to week 8. You epitomise what Strictly is about. Every week you lit up our screens with your performance, the pleasure you were getting from it just emanating from you. You never failed to entertain and gave it your absolute best. Be proud, you did Karen proud; you are an inspiration, kind and generous, and Kev33awesome and I are very glad we got to share in your journey with you. You earned the respect of everyone there, that was evident with the standing ovation you received all around tonight. We will all miss you and Karen, and Strictly will be forever missing something special without you for the rest of the series. Keep dancing. HippieNic 🙂 x

  • E Thorpe says:

    Jeremy, you have truly been an inspiration to all. Entertaining, personable, hardworking and such a huble gentleman. You have deserved your place each week because of your dedication and ability to deal with The Judges with good grace and a smile! I feel so sad you will not be at Blackpool, it just won’t be the same from now on… Well done, you have provided the British public with a new role model. It’s the taking part that counts…. What a guy.

  • June Duncan says:

    Jeremy so sorry you have gone. You and Karen were a delight. On the plus side it was lovely getting to know you. You have done yourself no harm by doing Strictly, Mr Vine. I’m sure your fanbase has increased dramatically. Love you Jezza!!

  • Michael Jepson says:

    Afraid I was not a supporter, I just cast my 3 votes each week based on the performances that please me most. Boring old fart eh! However, I have so admired your obvious commitment to be the best you can be & courage to present that to the viewing public. You have entertained & had the bonus of dancing with one half of the very special Clifton duo. Thank you. Future elections will never be the same.

  • Julie says:

    Ahh Jeremy and Karen, I’m so sad that you didn’t make it to Blackpool ☹️ How lovely of you to make this video and can I say you had ‘every right’ to make it through to this week! Fantastic entertainment and along with that a true gentleman . You should be very proud of yourself! Thanks for making Strictly even more fabulous this year Xxx

  • Deb Roberts says:

    You are an inspiration and have been a joy to watch! Your perseverance and ‘never give up’ attitude despite not being the best were a great lesson in life.
    I will miss you on the dance floor – there are some truly talented dancers left in but yours was the performance I looked forward to the most.
    Thanks Jezza – you are a lovely person!

  • Joanne Brownridge says:

    Sorry to see you go, would have loved to have seen you at Blackpool. You were a delight to watch. A true gentleman too.

  • Daniel says:

    What an inspiration you are, Jeremy! I’ll be honest I never watch Eggheads, never listen to your show on Radio 2, never even liked Strictly that much until I saw that first dance of yours and you brought the house down with your infectious personality and tremendous energy! I’ve been hooked ever since and seen your Charleston and ‘thriller’ Salsa numerous times over!
    Its been a joy to watch you, your daughters will be very proud of their dad! Get in!!!!

  • Grace Tompkins says:

    I have loved the enthusiasm you have shown every week and your outright enjoyment of this wonderful experience. You have been a true example that it is always worth making an effort for something you love doing. You will be very much missed. Thank you for taking us all on your “journey”.

  • Jane says:

    If it was all about how much someone improves from where they started, you would be the winner Jeremy. Thank you for the joy and your participation was what it should all be about…the sheer joy. Well done x

  • Jordan Sharpe says:

    I am so sorry that you have left this week, we will miss watching you dance so much! You had every right to be in week 8, because you epitomised everything that Strictly is supposed to be – you were always so enthusiastic and humble, and seemed to enjoy just being in the competition more than anything else, which is why we all voted to keep you in. Thank you for keeping us entertained! Keeeep Dancing! X

  • Kath Kitchen says:

    You have had a great time and it has shown in your dance’s. Watching you has been enjoyable,I think that you will remember it for a very long time. I listen to you every day and hope you will have all the contestants on your show at some time in the feature. Well done.

  • Barbara Barker says:

    Jeremy we will miss you on Strictly, you did brilliantly & a lot of your Radio 2 listeners like myself were treated to seeing you instead of just hearing your voice are very proud of you. You are a gentleman I’m sure your family are proud. Well done Jeremy. X

  • Hayley says:

    You have been a revelation. I did not realise how funny you are and what a nice person – very attractive. I think you have gained lots of new fans and it would be good to see more of you. I am so sorry you left strictly you deserved to be there until the final x

  • Una Milne says:

    We have loved every minute, Jeremy – so sad it has ended. Strictly won’t be the same without you, you made this year so special. We’ll miss you sooo much xxx

  • Mel Howes says:

    Well done, your girls will be so proud of everything you have done and your constant determination to improve. A great example to all to keep going and not give up even if you aren’t ‘the best’ as it is all about being ‘your best’. I think a certain Mr Howes may use your example in an assembly soon.

  • Joanne Mead says:

    You have embodied the spirit of Strictly for me. You’re obvious pleasure at taking part each week has been a joy, and your gracious acceptance of the judges’ criticism a masterclass in humility. Bravo, Mr Vine, you’ll be very much missed.

  • Hayley says:

    I’ve been an avid fan of Strictly from the very beginning, but watching you go this evening was the first time I’ve felt really sad about anyone leaving the show. Thankyou, for your enthusiasm, your dedication and your complete inability to dance which has brightened our Saturday nights for the past 8 weeks. We have found you charming and utterly delightful to watch. We wish you all the best with your next adventure x

  • Jools Vine says:

    From one Vine to another – wow, we all thought you were fab. I listen to you on the radio most days and was thrilled to hear you were going to be doing Strictly and you did not disappoint. It was lovely to see you try so hard and show everyone that it’s important to try even if you know you can’t win. What a role model and a good example to follow. We loved watching you dance and Strictly won’t be the same without you. You come across as such a lovely man. Well done Jeremy!

  • Eileen Johnstone says:

    Will truly miss you Jeremy, the same true gent as you Dad. You had every member of our family watching and routing for you. It wil not be the same with out you. X

  • Emma says:

    Thank you, Jeremy! You were so much fun to watch, and utterly deserved to stay in as long as you did. You listened, learned and so improved – both inspirational and a joy. We’ll miss you and the wonderful Karen.

  • Jeanie says:

    Jeremy, you made the show for me! Thank you for giving so much of yourself over the last few weeks and thanks too to your family for sharing you with us all. You and Karen were such a joy to watch with your lovely smiles and obvious delight in dancing such amazing routines . A true inspiration in so many ways, God bless.

  • Jean and Peter Brooks says:

    As regular listeners of your Radio 2 show, we have loved and admired your enthusiasm every week on Strictly – Saturday evenings won’t be the same without you. Thank you Jeremy for the hard work you’ve put in and all the pleasure you have given us.

  • Loren says:

    So sorry your strictly experience came has come to an end Jeremy I think your awesome your dedication and enthusiasm though the competition has great I could see how much you actually tried you will be truly missed Saturday nights won’t be the same x

  • Mary Hunt says:

    Jeremy so sorry to see you go tonight after an amazing 8 weeks, you have been
    A real pleasure to watch considering you are not a dancer, you took it all in your stride and you gave great entertainment, to take on a place must have been an
    Amazing experience for you and sorry you could not make Blackpool. You are a
    Very good host in Eggheads and enjoy the programme immensely, good luck
    In whatever else this may lead to.

  • Well done Jeremy and thank you so much for teaching your daughters the good values of doing your best and working hard. Your wife and daughters should be very proud of you. If you can, keep dancing; it’s good exercise and a healthy pastime which, perhaps you can now share with your wife and daughters. We’ll keep watching you on Eggheads and listening on Radio 2. Best wishes to a true gentleman.

  • Jonathan Nash says:

    Jeremy, you totally earned your right to stay in till week 8. It’s so much more than who is the best dancer and I think people appreciate that and its what makes people vote for who they want to see again.

    I, like so many others would of liked another week at least, but hey, wasn’t to be.

    Well done mate.

  • Victoria donaldson says:

    Congratulations jeremy on your strictly success. You’ve been a joy to watch and I’m truly gutted to not see you dance again. To me you embodied so much of what strictly is really about and I loved to see your joy and enthusiasm spilling out on to the floor every week. You weren’t the best dancer but you loved ever minute of your strictly experience and that shone through your performances.I loved your waltz to ‘she’. You will be sorely missed from the tower ballroom. Xx

  • Paula winters says:

    Jeremy you DID deserve to still be in on week eight because you were so entertaining! There are now too many celebrities who are almost professional dancers themselves so it isn’t an even playing field to begin with. It is supposed to be an entertainment show more than a true dancing competition and for me you were one of the most entertaining. A joy to watch every week and you will be missed by thousands!

  • Living overseas we have not always managed to follow your dance routines but have followed your progress with keen interest. Sorry to hear the news, but we wish you well and no matter where we are we love your programme and listen avidly from Cyprus in the summer and Barbados in the winter. God bless and well done, we have learnt so much from you….XXX

  • Helen Turier says:

    Loved watching you dance each week. So sad to see you go, it bought a tear to my eye.
    Well done to both you & Karen

  • Yvonne says:

    Will miss you Jeremy !! Your passion is endearing. You have done so well. If you enjoy it ,keep dancing !! Xxx

  • Pam says:

    You were a joy to watch and are a thoroughly decent human being! Rapidly heading towards true ‘National Treasure’ status methinks!

  • Anne cooper says:

    You were mint. I loved your love of the whole thing, that’s what made it so special. You clearly fell in love with the strictly dancing experience and as a result worked so hard. As a result we fell in love with you.
    Your family will love you even more for it!
    Thank you for entertaining us.

  • Lucy says:

    Voted for you, Jeremy every week. You deserved a place on that Blackpool bus – I warmed to your commitment. warmth, enthusiasm for learning a new skill and sheer joy at dancing. Can you go to Blackpool as a special correspondent? You are certainly a positive role model for your children. And others I suspect – including me.

  • PollyT says:

    Jeremy you were a joy to watch and you obviously worked very hard to learn the dances and took the show seriously. Your popularity among fellow contestants was so evident – I thought Jay was going to cry when he hugged you so firmly before the dance-off and it showed how highly he regards you. The best of luck in all you do and I continue to enjoy you on Eggheads

  • Fiona says:

    Well done jeremy!
    We all just loved you because u enjoyed it so much. Well done to you and karen! Xxxx

  • Helen May says:

    Jeremy you were wonderful and you can be so proud of all of your efforts. Will miss you on Strictly.

  • Patricia Lee says:

    So sad you have left my interest in Strictly has diminished somewhat. I didn’t expect you to win but was hoping you would get to Blackpool as you deserved to after all that hard work. Will miss you Jeremy but will carry on listening to you on Radio2

  • Marie says:

    Jeremy – you had every right to still be in at 8 weeks. You’ve been an amazing contestant, so wonderfully entertaining and a role model for everyone. You won people’s praise and support because of your genuine warmth and personality. You may not be a natural dancer but you really earned your stripes with the work you put in. We’re only sorry we’ll not get to see you performing to Bohemian Rapsody – what a treat that would have been!! You’ve been amazing and we’ve loved every minute x

  • Kate says:

    Congratulations Jeremy for being such a joy to watch on Strictly. I’ve watched strictly for years and can’t remember anyone who’s enjoyed it so much. I think you were very lucky with your partner, Karen does appear to have the ability to bring out the best in her partners, as one happy hairy biker will testify to. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given to the vast majority of strictly viewers.

  • Kenny Grant says:

    Sorry to see you leave Strictly this weekend. Blackpool or the rest of the series won’t be the same without you. Well done on your achievement !!

  • Diane says:

    You are a gentleman. You are a professional. What a wonderful life experience you’ve just had. And I’ve enjoyed watching that.

  • Elaine says:

    What a lovely message to leave Jeremy, it has been a delight watching you dance. You are a real gentleman x

  • Adam says:

    Watching your Strictly experience makes me want to become famous so I could have a chance of something similar.

  • Karenann says:

    Jeremy you have really cheered up my Saturday nights, a great partnership with Karen Clifton and you really brought such joy to the dance floor. You took your feedback so graciously and your daughters must be justifiably proud of their amazing Dad! Well done and thank you!

  • Maria says:

    Jeremy, you had the perfect balance of hard work, enjoyment, not taking yourself too seriously and were always so gracious while listening to the judges. Your dancing was coming along well too will miss you on Saturday nights

  • Ashleigh says:

    My son was your biggest fan! He has watched and cheered for you every week and shouted at the judges whenever they made negative comments. He cried yesterday when you went out.

  • Jane says:

    It has been a real pleasure to watch you on Strictly Jeremy. So sorry you won’t be in Blackpool. You are a star & a gentleman. Shall really miss you. I love your radio 2 show too.

  • Ruth says:

    Having been a Strictly fan from the start of series 1 I can honestly say there have been only a couple of other pairings I have enjoyed watching dance as much as you and Karen. Thank you both for keeping the joy of the show alive. Well done to you both.

  • Dele says:

    Hi Jeremy, I’ve watched strictly for years and have always had a soft spot for the comedy/fun dancers. But you took it to another level. You are a gentleman who took to the dance with an equal ammounts of fun, charm, grace and passion. You and Karen were a great parnership and I have no doubt that if you had made to the final you would of turned out a fantastic dance. Your daughters must be very proud of you as we the British public are. ps my friends and I now have a crush on you #Class

  • Moira Russell says:

    Going to miss you so much in Strictly. Good improvement over the weeks. You provided great entertainment, such a shame that you missed out on Blackpool. I was hoping that if you were voted out that you would at least have had your last week there. You and Karen were such a great team and very enjoyable to watch on and off the dance floor. Loved you on ‘It takes two’
    My very best wishes to you both x

  • Karin says:

    Strictly will be a lot less exciting now you’ve gone Jeremy. you and Karen were quite a team! Really enjoyed watching you.

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