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Last night I had a brilliant time with my old friends from BBC Strictly Come Dancing. Pretty much all the remaining celebs were there – I sat with Anita on one side and Brendan on the other. We spoke fondly of the people who have passed through the show: Kirsty, Ainsley, Daniel and so on. I ate my dessert next to Karen Clifton and we caught up with each other (I miss her). I even got a few minutes with Janette and Aljaz, two of my favourite dancers. And a chat with Bruno!

After what is now known as the “Dolcelatte Incident” a fortnight ago, where I asked which Italian cheese takes its name from the words “sweet milk” and Giovanni’s team lost to Katie’s because he said mozzarella, there was an appetite for a rematch and without a dance to learn I felt I should bring a quiz instead.

So below you see a pic taken by Brendan and the thirty questions I posed. The people in the room split into four teams. See how highly you would score in this Strictly-Eggheads quiz (kindly set by Eggheads producer Rob Dean).


***HERE WE GO!***

Strangeways, Here We Come was the fourth and final studio album released by which band?
The Smiths
The Undertones
The Clash

In the song ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from the musical The Sound of Music, the note ‘re’ is described as ‘a drop of golden’?

What collective noun is used for a group of Rhino?

Where was the chef Ken Hom born?
Tuscon, Arizona
Milan, Italy
Nice, France

What is the most common surname in Italy?
(Giovanni got this one straightaway)

Who, in the 19th century, invented the phonograph?
Thomas Edison
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Graham Bell

Who is the Greek god of wine?

Green Eggs and Ham is a best-selling children’s book by which author?
Dr Seuss
Lewis Carroll
J.R.R. Tolkien

Which fast dance, usually performed with the dancers’ stomachs touching, takes its name from the Portuguese for ‘beating’?

How many white keys are there on a standard acoustic piano?

In which year was Come Dancing launched on the BBC?

The superior rectus muscle is one of a set of muscles that control the movement of which part of the body?

strctily eggheads1

What is the name of the rough skin of some sharks, used as an abrasive?

A cappuccino in Italy served ‘senza schiuma’ doesn’t have what?
Cocoa Powder
(Another one Gio got, although it was put to Kellie Bright’s team)

The French singer Charles Aznavour had a UK number one hit in 1974 with which song?
La Mer
La Vie En Rose
(Clue: A song that Karen and I danced to)

Which member of Westlife was a former professional footballer and joined Leeds United as a goalkeeper in 1995?
Kian Egan
Shane Filan
Nicky Byrne
(Clue: there is a bit of Strictly history in this one)

Who played the title role in the 1967 film Dr Dolittle?
Rex Harrison
Dick Van Dyke
Bing Crosby

Early in their career, which entertainer was known as the Mighty Atom?
Bruce Forsyth
Ronnie Corbett
Fred Astaire

Which of these programmes featured Ainsley Harriott in an early acting role?
Red Dwarf
(Eek – Katie and Anton’s team gave the wrong answer)

What was the currency of the Netherlands before the introduction of the Euro?

*Tie Breaker*
How tall in meters is the Blackpool Tower?

(Answers: The Smiths, Sun, Crash, Tuscon Arizona, Rossi, Thomas Edison, Dionysus, Dr Seuss, Lambada, 88, 1949, Eye, Shagreen, Froth, She, Nicky Bryne, Rex Harrison, Bruce Forsyth, Red Dwarf, Guilder, 158m/518ft)

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  • Allison says:

    Seeing you with all the strictly peeps makes me so happy. I’m so glad you’re at Blackpool.

    And thanks so much for the photo <3

  • Jenny Evans says:

    Oh Jeremy how we miss you. I think you should be presented with a Special Glitter Ball for the wonderful person you are , so Genuine , So Kind, So Thoughtful, So True to all the friends that you have made on Strictly, you have gone up so much in everyone’s estimation, keep the Friday night Egg Heads going and hopefully we could see it each week on It Takes Two. You really have made Strictly 2015 the BEST. Thank you so much.

  • liz bruce says:

    only got 11 answers right I don’t think I’ll be on eggheads any time soon.
    you will be really missed on strictly I thought you were great and voted for you every week, it won’t be the same without you.

  • Sara says:

    Loved to see you dance! Your smile and enthusiasm lit up the studio. It’s a huge shame not to see you dance at Blackpool. To see how much you are loved is obvious by the public. I will miss your joy in this show and to see your support for the others shows what a lovely man you are – especially travelling in this dreadful weather. I wish you all the best Jeremy and Keeep dancing

  • Helen McLean says:

    So, so, so glad to see that you were there for the Friday night dinner as last week before the Saturday show you said that it would be one of the things that you missed most. So I’m glad that you were there to participate in ‘Blackpool celebrations’ with your friends. Your friendships will be forever… a certain SCD blessing.

  • joyce thompson says:

    i got 15 correct so i am pleased, will miss your dancing prowess on show in strictly, keep smiling. 🙂

  • Jax says:

    It’s was fantastic seeing you back, albeit not the preferred way. You have a big heart of gold Jeremy and you’re sadly missed on both sides of the screen. You and Karen were a joy to watch. You will be lovingly remembered still, in years to come x

  • eileen yates says:


    Glad you made it 2 Blackpool.

    Enjoy with no stress !! the show wont be the same without you dancing.

    Its all about Making Memories.

  • Dawn says:

    Thank you for sharing the questions with us, I got 15 correct. Glad that you joined the strictly gang at Blackpool, will miss you dancing tonight

  • Linda Williams says:

    Loved you on strictly, and just wanted to say “thanks ” for sharing the quiz – my family always have a quiz at our Boxind Day get together so I will be using it then xxx

  • Polly says:

    Enjoyed your Eggheads Quiz. Good to keep dancers on their toes!? I managed to get 13 correct – bit of a wing and a prayer. I’m looking forward to my catchup with Strictly.

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