Jeremy Vine talks to Judith Keppel of Eggheads

Judith Keppel tells Jeremy how the worst question she ever faced on Eggheads was about Barcelona … or was it New York?


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  • Dave Porter says:

    Just seen the Judith chat – great.

    My favourite Judith music question was when Dermot asked her to complete the Mariah Carey song All I Want For Christmas Is ______ ?

    Judith chose ‘My Two Front Teeth’ – a classic quiz moment.

    The thought of Mariah howling that out is very funny (I’m not a fan).

    Hope the dancing is going ok – all you have to do to win is tell everyone else how good they are and you are a cert. As Judith says – you are such a jinxer.

    I may even watch it.
    All the best

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