This is my new favourite photo of 2015.
Jeremy Vine and Kellie brightKellie Bright and I have joined all the pro and amateur dancers in the marquee behind the Strictly studio. We are full of excitement – simple as that! We were talking about all our injuries and all our struggles to dance, and why I went crazy when Tess told the audience that Karen and I would be dancing another week.

Something about this photo just speaks of the huge excitement of being spared. Even a great dancer like Kellie couldn’t be sure she was safe, so she will have been relieved too. The other story here is the camaraderie between the contenders. I honestly think the 15 of us will be friends for years to come.

There is no experience like being thrown into the furnace at Strictly, and we will have a special hug for each other when, in times ahead, we meet at a party or a bus stop. The hug will say: “There are no words.” Happy days, everyone!

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  • Kathleen Nicholson says:

    I love watching Strictly with you and the rest of the contestants, it makes me happy.

  • Lisa Fletcher says:

    So glad your still in your enthusiasm makes me smile …diawn xx

  • Tracey Seymour says:

    Me, my hubby, and my two granddaughters 4&3 years old loved Saturday’s show, they danced around my lounge and try to copy routines for the whole show! I always ring my mum on a Sunday morning to see what she thought of the dancing and judges comments, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with so much enthusiasm as you! You can tell you are loving every second of every minute of your strictly journey! Long may it continue Jeremy!
    Tracey xx

  • Jackie K says:

    Loving your genuine excitement and passion, I don’t think you will ever forget this experience. Best of luck!

  • Margaret Harding says:

    What a great photo! Just the joy of being alive! Life is precious, of course- and it looks as though you are milking it for all it’s worth!!

  • Alison says:

    You are doing really well. Love watching you. You dance so enthusiastically. Which is good. Hope you stay in a long time. Good Luck x

  • Sylvia Warne says:

    Having met you twice Jeremy, I would have guessed that you wouldn’t be very interested in dancing, how wrong was I. Fantastic mover, such enthusiasm. Keep up the good work and the best of luck. You can do it, love Sylvia xx

  • Lucy Eyre-Tanner says:

    Absolutely cannot wait to see your next dance 🙂 you’re so brilliant to watch and your enthusiasm and dedication always puts a big smile on my face. Best of luck for the next show!

  • Peta Moxon says:

    Hi Jeremy

    I had the pleasure of working with you for a while at Radio 2 a couple of years ago – you’ll probably remember me, I was your friendly local Social Media producer. 🙂

    It’s absolutely wonderful seeing you dance on Strictly. You look like you’re really enjoying yourself and your daughters must be absolutely delighted with their dancing dad. Well done for being brave enough to put yourself forward – I hope you continue to have an absolute ball!

    Best wishes


  • Kay Lomas says:

    Jeremy – not only are you a great journalist but you are not afraid to show your human side too (no robots here!). We often get to hear your empathy and understanding on your radio show and it’s so nice now to be able to see your sheer joy in dancing and taking part on Strictly.

  • Sarah Begg says:

    I’m really enjoying watching you dance – the Halloween routine was so much fun, you looked like you were having a great fun! Good luck!

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