Why I Love The Penny Falls

Probably the best moment at New Year for me and my family was our trip to Exmouth Amusements — which we always end up doing when we are staying in Devon, whatever the weather. This year half the beach had blown into the road, the sand dunes had been wiped out by storms, and the skin on our faces and hands stung when we walked along the sea front because high winds were sandblasting the promenade. But it was all forgotten as soon as we went up the steps and into Exmouth Amusements.

I know the council has big plans for the sea front; I really hope those plans don’t shut this place, a favourite of my two daughters. Why? Because a pound’s worth of two-pence pieces will last you an hour as you play the legendary Penny Falls, the one arcade game that seems to have been completely untouched by the tendency for everything to get slightly better, and slightly worse, over time.

If you watch the brief video you will see the fun we had, and the you can ponder the profound philosophical question:

Should the lady in charge release the lollipop, if it’s got stuck there?



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  • Helen says:

    The penny falls is the best arcade game ever, I spent many a happy hour as a child with my grandmother playing them, and your quite right, a pounds worth of pennies always provides at least an hours worth of entertainment. If I go in an arcade now they are the only game I play. Long may they last

  • Elaine says:

    Sooooo….come on Jeremy……what happened with the lollipop? Don’t keep us in suspense.

  • Jon says:

    At Alton Towers I had a keyring with a London 2012 Mini car on it get stuck where your lolly did, the guy on the change desk was good enough to open the cabinet to get it out for me 🙂

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